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3CX is an industry leading PBX solution that was first distributed throughout New Zealand by Soft Solutions Ltd in 2011.

The intention from the outset was to offer New Zealand businesses the opportunity to use an alternative enterprise quality PBX solution like the rest of the world. We are proud to be the only Gold Distributer for 3CX in New Zealand with highly trained technicians. That means we can help you stay up and running, whether you host on premise or in the cloud.

3CX is available with an included softphone client but can also be used in conjunction with VoIP hardware or a combination of both options which helps streamline your PBX system efficiencies and allows staff to stay in contact wherever they are.

Making the transition from traditional PBX systems to using 3CX leads to immediate savings as you are paying for software and your infrastructure to run the software along with SIP lines which are more cost-effective and in turn the initial investment leads to a very quick recovery and overall saving.

3CX is not just used for calling, it also allows you to integrate emails, fax and instant messaging along with video conferencing which makes it the go to solution for all of your communication needs.

3CX sits on a familiar platform that’s simple to understand and easy to upgrade. Because we put value on future proofing our products, you can rest assured that your investment will lead to a lot of savings in the long run.

We offer flexible installation to address every customer’s unique needs. We also provide technical support to ensure you keep your system up and running at all times.

What People Are Saying About 3CX

  “We liked that there was a softphone and mobile app that came with it, that’s one of the main reasons why we chose it.”

  “3CX can do what the current proprietary solutions do for a tenth of the price.”

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