As most MSPs are aware, Microsoft offers tools to help you retain your M365 data. However, there are still limitations to their data protection. For example, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online can only do point in time recoveries for the last 30 days.

For a technology that’s online 24/7 and supports 200+ million users worldwide, do you really need a backup solution? I did a little digging and here’s what I found regarding why you still need a 3rd party backup solution:

1) Humans

Yes, fallible humans (especially that Janet from Accounting!). Users can accidentally delete important data and files. It’s all too easy to remove an old file to free up space, or delete an email that contains important attachments.

Additionally, a lost or broken device can cause files to go missing.

Some companies have also started implementing a Bring Your Own Device policy. It’s a good policy to cut hardware spend and gives your workforce accessibility anytime and anywhere. However, if a device gets stolen, it could lead to a total wipeout of important data if the device is still logged into their online account.

2) Threats and Attacks

This is not new to us. How many times have we heard of ransomware attackers, gaining access to people’s data? (Especially Waikato’s hospitals recently).

Microsoft’s responsibility is to protect its Microsoft 365 services. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to protect their data and devices. (Find out more about Microsoft Shared Responsibility here).

3) Retention, Retention, Retention.

More often, organisations need to recover emails/data beyond the default retention period of 30 days. Such items can be permanently deleted without a backup solution.

This is where 3rd party backup applications come in handy.

When you have a M365 3rd party backup solution, deleted files/emails are moved to an archived folder. You can set how long can you store a data after deletion which enables MSPs to provide a M365 backup and recovery services.

Microsoft retention features and policy may not be enough to cover your requirement and you would not want a missing file.

Do not wait for the situation where an employee leaves the company, and he/she was the sole owner of an important file. Microsoft 3rd party backup solutions give you better retention options, and ensure that you can restore quickly – while meeting clients’ data retention requirements.

In summary

My conclusion is to safeguard your data, with a full and complete backup. For MSPs out there, having this kind of service adds value to your service offering. Keep having that conversation with your end users about backing up their data. Do not wait for a catastrophe to happen. As the saying goes, “Build your house (and data storage) on a rock-solid foundation.”

If you have doubts (or end-users) still avoiding the need for M365 Backup, send us a message. We have multiple options to get your customers across the line. Reach out to or

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