WatchGuard has been stopping cyber threats for 20+ years, staying at the cutting edge throughout. Their latest generation of firewall boxes came out this year, and a new endpoint security solution is being added to the portfolio as you read this. Is it time to add their range to your service offering? Read on and find out.


Four cornerstone products


WatchGuard’s product pillars focus on:


  1. Network security – ideal for midsized businesses and distributed enterprises, the Firebox UTM platform focuses on ease of deployment, use, and ongoing management, in addition to providing the strongest security possible. Choose from physical, virtual or cloud appliances. Software services include Intrusion Prevention Service, Gateway AntiVirus, URL filtering, application control, spam blocking and reputation lookup as standard in the Basic Security Suite. The Total Security Suite adds artificial intelligence, enhanced advanced malware protection, DNS level protection, next-generation cloud sandboxing, enhanced network visibility capabilities, cloud-hosted threat correlation and scoring. It’s all accessible from a cloud-hosted management platform.
  2. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – with remote work now common, ensure only the right people access critical data. MFA is the strongest way to identify users, and make every login attempt visible and secure. Born out of the banking industry, AuthPoint MFA provides the security you need to protect your assets, accounts, and information. No need to carry tokens – authenticate using a simple mobile app.
  3. Secure Wi-Fi – WatchGuard is the only company to provide the technology to build a Trusted Wireless Environment. This delivers on the three core pillars of market-leading performance, scalable management, and verified comprehensive security. Choose from a range of feature-rich, cloud-ready access points to ensure safety at any Wi-Fi deployment.
  4. Endpoint security – WatchGuard’s advanced endpoint security puts enterprise-grade security right on the computer using a lightweight agent. This includes AV and Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) products, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), DNS-level protection, and more. The recent acquisition of Panda Security introduces even more advanced AV capabilities. With mobile computing now ubiquitous, WatchGuard can provide always-on protection, regardless of where a laptop is located.


However, having a rock-solid product set is only part of the story. The right partner programme to support your efforts, makes the difference.


A powerful partnership


With 9000+ resellers already on board, WatchGuard understands the flexibility needed to work with your unique business model. Their WatchGuardONE programme has built a channel community that includes resellers, MSPs, system integrators, consultants, MSSPs, and varying hybrid models in between.


The partner programme invests in you – this is a true two-way partnership. For example, you invest by adding NFR licenses and completing training sessions. This will move you to new partnership levels. You’ll be rewarded with all the help you could need. In tandem with Soft Solutions, WatchGuard’s dedicated person on the ground in NZ offers personalised help. This builds a highly effective team, with a real depth of knowledge in applying these solutions.


Proof is in the pudding


Unfortunately, there’s a limit to how much you can learn from an email. To get a deeper understanding of WatchGuard, you’re invited to a 30-minute webinar.


Attend to learn:


  • Common security threats impacting your customers now.
  • How to protect them, regardless of your technical expertise.
  • Overview of their product range, and what sets them apart from your current offerings.
  • How their partner programme adapts to your business, to truly reward your efforts.


The webinar is on Thursday, July 23. 1:00 – 1:30pm. To save your spot, register here.


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