There are a multitude of cloud backup solutions currently on the market. They are commonly file level only and are generally located offshore. These dime a dozen services mostly offer good bang for buck, but fail to meet the growing needs of New Zealand IT companies. In addition to this, full machine backups are tricky with international broadband pipe contention rates and high latency to servers, located in who-knows-where. This also becomes difficult when it’s time to get your data back, thanks to international download rates and overseas shipping times.

The Soft Solutions Offsite Backup Service for ShadowProtect was built from the ground up with New Zealand resellers in mind. The service is based out of a Tier 1 datacenter in Auckland, with affordable monthly subscription costs to use it. Data seeds can be provided via USB hard drives to our office. SOS utilizes StorageCraft IntelligentFTP and ShadowStream for incremental backup receipt, and the StorageCraft ImageManager solution on site is configured to look after the consolidation, retention and verification of customer backups. Reporting is provided as a daily email to a designated email of your choice, for end of day peace of mind that your customer’s data is taken care of.

SOS has a 24/7 recovery line available for emergency data recovery. Resellers are able to call this line, and organize for a customer repository to be copied to an external drive and sent to them, or have the backup stood up as a server in the cloud.

SOS Offsite Services overview:

SOS offers a reliable and secure offsite backup, hosted locally in Auckland.

  • Monthly ShadowProtect MSP licensing available
  • Service is designed and only available to resellers
  • Easy to white-label for your own purposes
  • 24/7 recovery service in case of disaster
  • Local location grants faster speeds out of our Tier 1 datacentre
  • Assurance that backups are kept locally in New Zealand
  • Monthly subscription pricing to the service
  • Easy initial seeding via USB hard drive delivered or dropped off to us
  • Priced by total storage amount, rather than on a per customer basis
  • Datacentre hardware is locked in place, with stringent physical security practices
  • Reporting of daily backups to a nominated email address

To find out more about this service give our backup guy Matt a call. He can walk you through how we store, how we test, and your StorageCraft licensing considerations.

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