IT departments moved away from shared mailboxes years ago, because it was a painful and inefficient way of handling requests. While implementing an IT helpdesk (ticketing) solution worked for IT, other lines of business still struggle with this daily.


The solution is simple – move them away from shared mailboxes and give them a simple ticketing solution. The best-case scenario is that your IT helpdesk delivers what is called Enterprise Service Management (ESM).


ESM focuses on setting up individual service desks across IT and non-IT business functions. This provides a uniform end-user experience across different service desks in the organization.


ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus cloud solution has been providing this function for a few years. They have just released this for the downloadable version, so you can implement this onsite or in your private/public clouds.


Benefits include:


  • Common portal for staff to access IT, HR, maintenance, marketing and other support channels.
  • Standardisation of service delivery by utilising automation, smart routing and visual workflows for each department.
  • Each business service can implement SLAs and set user expectations.
  • Non-IT departments can leverage proven change, problem and project management functions to improve their processes and delivery.


Existing ManageEngine customers will get this in the latest v11 update and each customer will receive a free instance of the Standard edition for up to 5 helpdesk admins.


How is this licensed and priced?


Each instance/department can choose their own edition and add-ons i.e.


  • Standard – helpdesk only.
  • Professional – helpdesk with asset management.
  • Enterprise – ITIL ready helpdesk with asset management.


Then license the number of helpdesk technicians that will be resolving tickets.


Prices start from $1,000.00 NZD + GST per year for 5 helpdesk admins on the Standard Edition.


Contact us at for a short walk-through of the solution and how you can start deploying your helpdesk instances quickly.


Watch this 8-minute video for a more detailed walkthrough of ESM.


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