Soft Solutions have just been appointed as the New Zealand distributor for Network Detective, the #1 non-invasive IT Assessment tool. Network Detective allows you to run full IT assessments with no agents and no installs. Then produce awesome, fully-branded reports in minutes. New customer acquisition is important for any IT Service Provider – but it’s important you know what you are letting yourself in for before you commit to a contract. Without the right tools to assess a customer’s environment thoroughly it can be a risky process. That’s why you need Network Detective from RapidFireTools.


Network Detective also offers a new source of revenue from existing customers, by programming quarterly or semi-annual site surveys, so everyone can be sure of what’s connected to the LAN and that no vulnerabilities have crept in un-noticed.


We have a webinar scheduled for next week to work through the full details, but read on to get the overview.


Whether you choose the Network Assessment Module, Security Assessment Module, Exchange Assessment Module or SQL Server Assessment Module, you’ll find these modules to be indispensable tools that will help you, as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), win new clients, generate new revenue streams, streamline your workflow, and improve overall service delivery. The more modules you buy, the more ways you’ll find to improve your business and the more money you will save. Bold promises, yes. But Network Detective delivers.


Unlike any other IT assessment product, Network Detective is completely non-invasive. There are no agents, no probes, and no software to install. That means you leave no “traces” of your activity, no conflicts with other applications, no firewall issues, and nothing to remember to uninstall. That also makes it much faster to acquire the network data – grab it all, usually in less than 30 minutes for the average size network. Just run one or more of the small executables directly on the domain controller or any other computer on the network, provide credentials, and let Network Detective do the work. Several different scanners are available for a rich discovery of assets, configurations, user history, security issues, vulnerabilities, MS Exchange configurations, SQL Server configurations and more. Scanners are available for network domain controllers as well as individual computers that aren’t connected to the network.


Network data is collected in an encrypted file that can only be unlocked and deciphered by the proprietary Network Detective data analyser. The data analyser compares your results with industry norms and best practices to identify specific network issues. Each individual network scan is saved and archived for future reference and comparison. Embellish your IT assessments with site photos, policies, and additional information you collect from client interviews & on-site inspections. The Network Detective In-Form tool is included with all Module subscriptions. Use it to create IT check-lists, questionnaires, and IT SWOT Analyses. Each Network Detective module includes a comprehensive set of network reports. A simple interface allows you to select which reports you want to generate, and the Enhanced Branding Package (included with all subscriptions) gives you the ability to brand them with your own company colours, name, logo, and report cover images. All reports are output in a format that you can edit prior to presenting to your clients.


Integrates with your existing RMM & PSA tools


If you use Kaseya, LabTech, Continuum, N-able, Level Platforms, MAXfocus, or any other Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool, Network Detective is the perfect complement. Even though some of these tools have their own built-in IT assessment tools, they only work for systems where you already have agents installed, or require the installation of invasive software probes. They also can’t detect or report on devices not connected to the networks; they perform a limited number of IT assessments; and they are not recommended for use as prospecting tools. That’s why so many MSPs buy Network Detective to supplement their RMM tools.


If you use ConnectWise or Autotask as your PSA, you’ll benefit from some of the key integration points that we have built into Network Detective. Assets discovered by Network Detective during the network scan can be automatically imported as configuration items in your PSA – a great time-saver for maintaining systems and devices where you have no monitoring agents. Users discovered with the Exchange Assessment Module can be imported as PSA contacts allowing you to get your help desk up-and-running instantly. And, no matter what PSA or CRM system you use, all Network Detective reports can be digitally saved and attached to your client records for easy access and reference.


Unlimited Use License, Priced To Be a No-Brainer


Network Detective offers several different modules, each designed to perform a different set of “deep dive” reports for a different type of IT Assessment. The more modules you have, the broader the range of IT Assessment you will be able to perform, and the more opportunities you will have to build out and support your IT service offerings.


No matter how you look at the pricing, when you do the math the return on your investment is obvious. Under our affordable annual subscription model and unlimited use license, you can use any of the IT Assessment or Compliance Assessment modules for a full year and run an unlimited number of scans on an unlimited number of networks and produce an unlimited number of reports… all for one low, affordable price. The more modules you subscribe to, the less you pay per module with our bundled pricing plans. Plus, you can install the Network Detective application used for the report generation for all of your techs under the same license without paying any more. (If you have more than one office, you would need to purchase a subscription for each physical address.)


The modules are licensed on a 12 month subscription basis however you can opt to pay for them on a monthly basis or annually in advance.


# of ModulesAnnualMonthly Billing


Prices are NZD Reseller Buy, excluding GST.


Even if your customer base is static, Network Detective can pay for itself by using it to provide periodic audits of your existing customer’s networks.


Webinar – Top Ways IT Pros Use IT Assessments To Guarantee Success


Whether you are an MSP, IT consultant, or local computer repair shop you need a quick and non-invasive way to gather and report on everything going on inside individual computers and across entire networks.


This webinar will reveal the top ways that successful IT service professionals use IT assessments from Network Detective throughout the business life cycle – from helping to generate leads and close new business, to delivering new services to trouble shooting issues, to performing internal audits, to expand existing customer relationships. There will also be a brief demo of Network Detective, the affordable tool used by thousands of IT service pros that makes comprehensive IT assessments fast and easy.


The session will conclude early enough to field questions from the audience.


Join us for this Webinar at 11:00am on Thursday the 22nd of October, where Mark Winter, VP Sales for RapidFireTools, will present Network Detective and the benefits of IT Assessments. – Register Now


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