In all likelihood you have had customers who have been victims of a malicious piece of malware or had valuable data stolen through a well-orchestrated hack. Many organisations that suffer these and other attacks fail to take the proper precautions to prevent themselves from becoming victims.


What are these precautions? Glad you asked:


  • Patching – Most attacks, whether they be malware or hacking attempts exploit weakness or vulnerabilities in Operating Systems and 3rd party applications. Normally, when an exploit is discovered, a publisher will release a fix to block it as soon as possible. Applying those patches faster than the Flash brushes his teeth is just common sense.
  • Mail Filtering – No small number of threats find their way into a network as an email attachment or link. Having a robust system to scan, scrub and quarantine these threats is essential.
  • Web Filtering – Blocking malicious websites from being accessed can go a long way to reducing the number of threats introduced to a network.
  • Backups – A good Backup and disaster recovery strategy should be in place to make sure that essential and business critical data is safe should the worst happen. Ideally, it should be located offsite.
  • Antivirus – Contrary to popular belief, never a Silver Bullet in the defence arsenal, but still a very important component.


These are all relatively small steps that can be taken to prevent big headaches. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a solution available that could provide all of this without having to rely on multiple different products, and could be managed from a single dashboard?


Many of our resellers protect their customers with just such a dashboard, in the form of MAXfocus Remote Management from LogicNow (now called SolarWinds MSP).


MAXfocus (now called SolarWinds MSP) has the ability to provide an entire layered security approach to make sure that your customers are always protected.


Here is how it does this:


  • Vulnerability Scanning will alert you to any weaknesses, while Patch Management will keep those up-to-date with Windows and 3rd Party patching.
  • Using the integration with MAX Mail, you can protect your clients from email born threats, all managed from the RemoteManagement dashboard.
  • Built in Web Protection allows you to keep client’s from straying into dangerous websites.
  • Managed Online Backup helps you make sure that critical data is stored safely offsite, while allowing you to keep a local copy onsite for quick restoration jobs.
  • The antivirus component in RemoteManagement is powered by Bitdefender, a solution that is consistently rated amongst the best Antivirus products available. With its Active Protection and Behavioural Scanning features, your client’s will be able to rest easy knowing that their devices are protected.


Of course, the best way to protect your customers is through education. The internet is a dangerous place; make sure that they know how to stay safe.


If you have any questions about MAXfocus (now called SolarWinds MSP) RemoteManagement, or would like to start a free trial, please contact the SolarWinds MSP team today.


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