Voice and video communication is the pulse of any modern organisation. The way staff work and interact with your customers has evolved rapidly. This was highlighted during the pandemic, with the necessity of remote working. Organisations need to be able to effectively communicate via phone calls, call centres, web conferencing, website live chats, Facebook messenger and more – regardless of where they are located.

Having these technologies available in one easy-to-use interface leads to efficiencies in time and cost. 3CX now delivers this in one easy-to-use package. With the latest release of version 18, the conversion of technologies into one space continues.

Key new developments in the latest v18 release

Customer communication remains at the forefront of version 18 (v18). It is your all-in-one solution to communicate internally and connect externally with your customers via voice, video, or live chat. An updated interface and new Desktop App are the first things existing customers will notice, but dive deeper for new integrations.

  • Microsoft Teams integration – with direct integration, it is a cost-effective alternative to MS365 calling plans. The bonus is you have a fully functioning and powerful PBX to drive and report from.
  • Better performance and security – improved audio quality, reconnections and strengthened security. 3CX v18 achieved an A+ on Qualsys Labs and an A on Immunilabs.
  • Mobile apps – never miss a call. 3CX have been working with Google and Apple to improve reliability of PUSH notifications. Bluetooth and handsfree support are great when you’re on the move. For iPhone users you can even tell Siri to make a call from 3CX.
  • Tighter Microsoft 365 integration – every edition of 3CX has improvements to Microsoft 365 features and Single Sign On (SSO) is now supported.


What sets 3CX apart from the rest?

Over 15 years ago, 3CX set out with a clear goal to deliver a simple, cost-effective, and flexible unified communications solution. The solution also needed to be agile to lead market disruption and integrate new technologies as they became common for a modern business.

  • Unified communications out of the box.
  • Simple licensing – license for the number of calls at any one point in time, versus number of staff or extension models.
  • Select the right edition for your business needs – no extra add-ons.
  • Scalable – from SMB to Enterprise it evolves with your needs.
  • No learning curve for staff – if they can use a computer, they can use 3CX.
  • Deploy in the cloud or on-prem.
  • Linux or Windows installations.
Are your customers purchasing VoIP/Unified Communications (UC) from you or someone else?

VoIP/UC is now a critical component in any IT partner’s portfolio. If you’re not offering it to your customers, someone else will be. Our team can help you get started. We’ll help work out what’s best practice to deliver this for your customers.

Is it time to start talking about VoIP/UC? Reach out to our voip@sofsol.co.nz team today to find out more.

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