Looking for an affordable and easy to use hypervisor level backup solution for Hyper-V? It’s now available with PHD Virtual Backup version 7.0 – and it’s FREE! That’s right, the first release of PHD Virtual Backup 7.0 for Hyper-V is completely free, but future releases will not be. However customers who purchase a maintenance contract to support their free product, will never have to pay future product license fees to get access to features as they deliver new versions of the software.So by purchasing a Maintenance & Support contract, not only will you get access to our 24/7 support team, you will get access to all new features and upgrades. Once the next version of PHD Virtual Backup for Hyper-V is released, customers without an active maintenance contract will have to pay full list price for each license to get access to support, and the upgrades in the latest version. So don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to secure a fully functional Hyper-V backup solution for a fraction of the cost of competitive alternatives!


Key features of PHD Virtual Backup 7.0 for Hyper-V are:


Fast and Efficient Image Based Backups


  • Linux virtual backup appliance (VBA) performs backup processing that has no impact on the management network when accessing production data.
  • Data processed at the block level and deduplicated in-line to ensure minimal data is transferred and stored on the backup target.
  • Only unique data is written. There is no need to perform periodic full backups ensuring a consistent, short backup window forever.
  • Deduplication performed across all VMs and jobs per backup target, making backup management easy, and reducing the costs associated with storage upgrades.


Significantly Reduced RTOs


  • Recover entire VMs in a single step without having to manually spin up VMs and install agent.
  • If the backed up VM is still present, use the unique Rollback Recovery mode to restore only changed data over top of an existing VM, decreasing recovery time even further.
  • Quickly and easily recover individual files.


Web-Based Dashboards and Reports


  • Eliminate backup babysitting with easy to read dashboards and advanced protection report.
  • Stay in touch with the status of your backups via any Chrome or Firefox web browser that can connect to your environment.
  • Know exactly what is protected and what is at risk in just a glance.


Automated Long-Term Retention


  • Retain data over long periods of time without having to save every backup.
  • Automated GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) retention significantly reduces storage usage.
  • Strengthen your archiving strategy by keeping long-term retention on disk without having to perform periodic full backups, or having to manually delete backups.


Data Verification and Auto-Correction


  • Each block of data sent to the backup target can be verified to ensure validity.
  • Data corruption can be detected and auto-corrected in many instances.
  • Ensure reliable restores consistently.


PHD Virtual is the only agentless data protection product for Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer. As needs vary for certain workloads, you get the freedom to use multiple hypervisors – PHD Virtual has got you covered!


Download PHD Virtual Backup 7.0 for Hyper-V now from sales) for a quote on your maintenance & support contract to ensure your free license remains just that as you take advantage of future developments.


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