GFI Software, which now includes Kerio Technologies, is a well renowned software company with a broad range of security and communication solutions that benefit small to medium-sized businesses to keep their IT up and running. Time for unlimited options. Now, instead of having to license each product separately GFI is now offering a subscription-based service covering all the products in one package called “GFI Unlimited”.

So How Does This Benefit Me?

The IT needs of small to medium-sized businesses change regularly, meaning that one licensed program might work for now but you may soon realise that there is another program needed for your business. But now for the first time you won’t need to go around spending all your money on licensed products but rather the subscription-based service “GFI Unlimited” that gives you access to majority of the GFI and Kerio solutions. This gives your customers a strong security and communications platform while only paying for one subscription service.

Some Of The Many Useful Products In The Service Are:

  • GFI LanGuard – Consistently scans your network for over 60,000 vulnerabilities and fixes any vulnerabilities before they get attacked while also giving you analysis of your network status.
  • GFI Archiver – Automatically archiving any emails, files and calendar entries securely and in their original state to a secure location so you know exactly where your archived files are if you need them.
  • Kerio Connect – Gives you all your emails, contacts, calendar, tasks and chat in one place at an enterprise level but still simplistic to use

Check out the rest of the GFI & Kerio product line up at

What Else Should I Know?

  • Saves you money! – Some of the software licenses can cost you thousands of dollars for a single software license to all of your users, but with subscription it does come at a cheaper cost which is costed per user per year. It can be licensed for 12, 24 and 36 months with it becoming cheaper the longer you sign up for.
  • All-In-One package – There is no need to go individually purchase every software as a licensed product when you can get access to all of them in one package. Even if you don’t need every software right now it may not always be like that and it’s better to be prepared.
  • Continued Support – When purchasing a licensed product, you will usually get a year or 2 of free maintenance and support if something were to go wrong and after that period of time is up you have to pay a certain rate if something isn’t working. But with “GFI Unlimited” you get free maintenance and support the whole time you are subscribed so you never have to worry.
  • Increase Efficiency – By having access to the wide range of products from the subscription compared to the one license means you can take advantage of different products available to automate processes which you used to have to do manually. For example: GFI Archiver automatically archives older emails, files and calendar entries into a secure location.

The idea of it is very simple and is just like any other modern-day subscription service (e.g. Netflix and Spotify), so bringing that model to business customers is the next logical step. GFI Unlimited releases today. For more information read the GFI Unlimited brochure here or get in contact with our sales team.