…And the key term there is “Business Grade”. How often, do your customers bring solutions like Dropbox, Box or SugarSync to you, after finding out about it because they plugged in a hard-drive they bought for personal use. It looks good, it ticks some of the boxes, and now they want you, as their I.T Provider to make it work for their business critical documents in the same way. Solutions designed with home-users in mind, are not built for the high-demand needs and security requirements of businesses. Taking those solutions and attempting to retrofit them for business-case, is a clunky, risky and a challenging task – not to mention, most of those solutions, are not built with a Channel in mind, meaning your efforts will often go unremunerated when they decide to continue to renew or purchase directly! What happens when it breaks, or is not working the way they want – do they contact you for support, or the vendor? The worst part? This new surge of ‘Bring Your Own Service’ is on the rise, making the need to offer something that’s in your control increasingly important.


Manage Protect a Cloud Infrastructure MSP Solutions Vendor has now setup infrastructure locally to us, for the next generation of Cloud File Sharing, File Synchronisation and Collaboration called ‘Soonr’ – Think of it like ‘Dropbox on Steroids’ but completely channel focused and designed specifically with MSP’s in mind. Soonr is the leading provider of secure online file sharing and collaboration services, with a mid-enterprise customer list of over 150,000 worldwide. Where others fail, Soonr excels in the areas of Mobile Collaboration of Cloud Synchronised content, Enterprise-Grade Security and the key differentiator, that from the very beginning, it was designed solely with businesses in mind.Soonr, is completely channel focused. We set you, the reseller, up with a dashboard, allowing you to then set your customers up beneath you – controlling their seat count, storage quota and access controls to the dashboard. On a monthly basis, we would then invoice you for usage/account consumed – no direct billing, no customers able to renew direct. You the partner, own the process.


Soonr is available in two editions:




  • Desktop Sync for both Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Seamless Collaboration for your Team with file/folder commenting, sharing files as links instead of attachments, and no file size limitations for your business.
  • Desktop Sync for both Windows and Mac.
  • Seamless Collaboration for your Team with file/folder commenting, sharing files as links instead of attachments, and no file size limitations for your business!
  • Integrated Mobile Document Editing and Annotation for more productivity and added security with our all-in-one mobile app on iPad and iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows smartphones and tablets.
  • File Versioning for 180 days on all Projects, folders and files.
  • Groups & Subgroups for efficient management of Members & Connections.
  • Company Branding for a customised Soonr interface that matches your brand.
  • Windows System Service for installation of Soonr on a file server.
  • A minimum of 3 users, with 1 TB of Shared Data to begin – starting at just RRP of $15.50 +GST, per user, per month




Enterprise adds another layer of functionality, suited to larger environments:


  • Active Directory Integration.
  • Super Admin Role for access and control of all Projects created by all Team Members.
  • Team Auditing to generate and export audit records on all account activity, including Projects, Groups, mobile access and more.
  • Enterprise Policies for managing password, session, IP address whitelisting, Public Links, remote access and mobile devices for your entire team.
  • A minimum of 10 users, with 5 TB of Shared Data to Begin – starting at just RRP of $27.00 +GST, per user, per month.


The key features, that help Soonr stand apart from its competition in the space are:


Mobile Collaboration:


  • Soonr’s powerful features work on all the major smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad, Android, Android tablets, Blackberry and many others. It’s patented rendering technology allows you to view over 40 different document types on your device without having to download the file. With integrated tablet editing, users can edit Microsoft Office documents directly on their tablet without having to download a 3rd party application (available for Android and iOS only).




  • Manage your Teams centrally with our easy-to-use interface. Teams are made of both internal Members and external Connections of your company. Soonr makes it easy to assign people to Projects, grant or restrict access rights or view changes by person, Project or action.


Sync – Online, Offline:


  • Once installed, Soonr creates a blue folder on your desktop called “My Soonr Projects” and copies all your Projects to it. With your Project files safely stored locally, you can work on your Projects offline, and when you go online again, your files will automatically be synced. Everyone on your Team will be notified when the Project has been updated.


Enterprise – Grade Security:


  • Critical business content needs to be secured. Policy-based control of content, seats, and devices is paramount to maintain corporate security. Soonr Workplace is an enterprise-grade service that has 99.9+% uptime with stringent levels of security certifications including HIPAA, SSAE16 and PCI. With geo-redundant data centres in North America, Europe, Canada and Australia, Soonr adheres to local regulations for data in all major regions of the world.


Company Branding:


  • Soonr users can easily customise the look and feel of Soonr online to match their brand with the Company Branding feature. In addition to adding your company’s logo to the interface, you can customize the colour scheme and create a custom login page. Adding your unique logo and colours not only creates ownership, it also strengthens your brand for your clients as you securely share information with them.




  • Never worry about losing your important files or changes again. Soonr’s built-in File Versioning means you can instantly recover files and restore them to their original location, either one file at a time, or your entire folder.


How does it compare against Dropbox, Box, Huddle, SugarSync and many others?


The Enterprise Security Group have done a comprehensive test (dubbed the “Buyers Guide”) of over 14 of the largest, most well-known File Collaboration and Syncing services available on the market today. The unique factor of this test, is that it is run from two perspectives; that of the IT Administrator and an End-User (your customer). Soonr scored very highly in the areas of Performance, Data Protection, Installation & Setup, Collaboration & File Sharing & End User Administration – Some of the key factors that any organization looks for; Speed, Security and Control. You can check out the complete test and its results here.


Organizing a WebEx, Trial or NFR


Manage Protect is based out of Sydney in Australia. Their local presence, allows them to provide an unlimited number of 1 on 1 personalized WebEx’s to partners, who are interested in looking at the product and discussing more specific use-cases about what it can and can’t do. If you are interested in a WebEx, you can contact us now. Once you have sat in on one, Manage Protect offer free NFR’s for reseller partners and trials for customers that may be interested.


What about customers that don’t want monthly billing?


Soonr is also available in annual subscriptions, for situations where your customer is simply looking for a single cost to budget for, yearly. Annual subscriptions, are locked to the number of users and amount of storage they purchase up front. As these are quoted on a case-by-case basis, if you are interested in exploring this model for those specific needs, feel free to get in touch.


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