The days of guessing how much data your customers need to back up, are over. With a traditional backup solution, it requires ongoing storage forecasting, provisioning and adjustment. Choosing a cloud-first solution, lets you easily scale up (and down) as demand changes. Avoid the constraints faced with costly on-premise hardware or up-front contracts.


What’s SolarWinds Backup?


SolarWinds Backup lets you adjust capacity on a monthly basis. It is more efficient, as it allows data pooling over multiple devices. It focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use for MSPs. You’ll handle large server workloads efficiently, without sacrificing speed or reliability. It protects your customers’ servers, applications, workstations and critical business documents.


The tool has built-in de-duplication and compression. Its block-level architecture lets you restore with fine granularity. Implementation is also surprisingly easy. Identify how many physical or virtual servers you want to protect. Then apply an agent to each. SolarWinds Backup does the rest.


Cloud-first with a customisable dashboard


Data is transferred to SolarWinds’ purpose-built cloud. It typically begins within minutes. SolarWinds’ proprietary true delta technology makes backup and recovery fast. A local speed vault cache option helps ensure even faster recovery.


SolarWinds Backup protects physical and virtual servers across all major operating systems and hypervisors. The Backup’s management console is unique. As it’s highly customisable, it provides at-a-glance status and fast issue resolution in just a few clicks. You’ll see the status of all traditional dashboards, from a single dashboard.


To keep things simple, the tiered pricing means there’s no hidden cost. It is up to 40% less expensive than alternative solutions. Like thousands of MSPs have already discovered, SolarWinds Backup is an effective solution to add to your service offering.


Get Office 365 mailboxes backed up, free


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For any queries please reach out to our SolarWinds MSP team. Maybe it’s time to change your backup solution.


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