Cybersecurity attacks are becoming an everyday occurrence and it’s important for businesses to protect their resources with more than just a username and password.

There are some regulatory bodies that require organisations to invest in stringent identity management measures to safeguard the company data. Or you run the risk of being fined and making headlines for the wrong reasons. Identity workflows are designed to manage access rights of apps / data, to ensure authorisation requests are reviewed.

Too busy to keep track of employee access and identity changes? It’s time to empower managers to validate such requests, with automated workflows. This ensures employees have the right access, at the right time. A workflow will allow IT security teams to oversee any changes in the system and intervene when required.

ManageEngine‘s ADManager Plus includes a purpose-built workflow engine, that dynamically manages the access control requests. By using the customisable workflows, you can establish control and transparency over business processes relating to authorisation management. Such as HR-driven provisioning and deprovisioning, requests associated to organisational changes like department changes and promotions.

ADManager Plus integrates with HRMS applications, which allows organisations to automate user provisioning for new hires. When new records are entered in the HR system, the tool will get the details and create accounts with appropriate access rights and privileges. For provisioning tasks that are crucial and require some monitoring, you can implement business workflows. This will propel the process through a workflow, which ensures the task is halted for review. It needs approval by a manager, or an appropriate user before access rights are granted and account provisioning is complete.

Making changes in Active Directory permissions without having them reviewed can unintentionally reveal sensitive business data. To stay on top of any changes made, you can define who is allowed to raise a request, who can approve or reject it and who can execute it. To avoid any delays, every time a request is triggered, you can notify the relevant users via email or SMS. Click here to learn more about identity management workflows.

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