LastPass is often classified as the world’s #1 Password Manager, Vault and Digital Wallet. With a user-base approaching 13.5 million worldwide, it dominates the space of comprehensive password management for the everyday user. The business plans that LastPass delivers take that same proven capability and bring it to an Enterprise level, with technologies that help centralise, control, sync and manage password authentication across the network.


59% of people are committing the ultimate offense – password reuse – mostly due to a fear of forgetting their login.


Soft Solutions is proud to announce that we have been appointed distributors of this world-leading LastPass technology for New Zealand. LastPass, owned by LogMeIn, brings a simple model for licensing that makes prospecting, quoting and migrating people from the free editions easy. Through the newly minted distribution agreement, we are also able to provide a channel model to enable our enthusiastic partners to reform (and potentially deliver as a service) password management across their customer base.


If you’re looking to start the conversation with your customers, here are the five biggest tips to change your password, as advised by LastPass;


  • Store your passwords in a password manager: While this one seems obvious, the typical employee needs to remember almost 200 sets of credentials across their work and personal life. Creating and remembering long, strong and unique passwords is too hard and that’s why people re-use passwords across work and home, creating vulnerabilities in your customers’ cybersecurity. An Enterprise Password Manager takes care of all of this and more.
  • Audit your passwords: Run the LastPass Security Challenge to see which of your accounts have weak or reused passwords. This will give you a good place to start when changing passwords.
  • Prioritize sensitive accounts: After you’ve changed your passwords for accounts with weak or reused passwords, the next step is focusing on sensitive accounts. These are sites like banking, email, social media, medical records, taxes, etc. Anything that has sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers, credits cards, etc. Your email is especially important, because this is often used to reset accounts when you are locked out. If someone can access your email, they can reset your other accounts.
  • Turn on multi-factor authentication: Multi-factor authentication is one of the best ways to prevent your accounts from being compromised. Anyone who accesses your account not only needs your username and password, but they also have to provide an additional form of identification – like a code in an authenticator app or fingerprint. SMS passcodes aren’t great as they can be intercepted.
  • Make it yearly: Once you have updated all your accounts with unique, strong, complex passwords, there is no need to update them all the time (unless one of your sites experiences a breach, which LastPass will tell you!). Aim to do an audit of your passwords once a year (like on #ChangeYourPasswordDay) and you’ll be good!


Once you have your customers thinking seriously about changing the way they manage their passwords, LastPass Enterprise can then deliver the comprehensive set of features below;


  • Administration Control: Configure over 100 policies, see actionable reports and manage LastPass company-wide.
  • Single Sign-On: Protect every password and give employees convenient access with single-sign on for cloud applications.
  • Password management: From reliably saving and filling all passwords across the web to generating new ones, remove the burden of everyday password management tasks.
  • Directory Integration: Automate provisioning, deprovisioning and group management with Active Directory, OKTA, OneLogin, Microsoft Azure AD or even custom API’s.
  • Sharing: Share credentials inside and outside of the organization without giving away passwords or losing accountability.
  • Security: LastPass operates a Zero-Knowledge password protection model, with options to enable Multi-Factor authentication too.
  • Federated Login: Simplify setup and login to LastPass by letting employees authenticate against their AD credentials.


LastPass Enterprise licensing is just RRP $110+GST per user, per year. The LastPass Teams edition (which excludes AD sync and a few other features), is just $73+GST per user, per year. There is also Dealer pricing available.


For the rest of February and throughout March, we also have a special extended discount for deals that close before the end of quarter, providing either more margin for you, or an even lower entry point for your customers.


Contact us here, to find out more:


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What about the rest of the LogMeIn family?


LogMeIn today has 14 products within its range. In addition to what they deliver with LastPass they also represent the industry leading GoTo family of products (GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, GoToAssist etc). Furthermore, they have a host of user experience, communication, collaboration and engagement solutions, really completing the business portfolio.


As part of the deal signed with LogMeIn, Soft Solutions will become distributors for the entire LogMeIn range of products, with lots of exciting details and opportunities to follow. Watch this space!