Learn the latest ShadowXafe / Solo developments, at Triple Layer Security


StorageCraft’s Technology Evangelist, Karl Thomson, will discuss ShadowXafe 4.0’s release and the OneXafe Solo backup appliance, at this live seminar series. Events will be in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland during August. Titled Triple Layer Security, it examines three key layers of protection – network, endpoint and recovery.


Also featured at these seminars will be WatchGuard. Their solutions cover network security with a comprehensive range of firewall and Wi-Fi access point options. Trend Micro will present their latest developments in endpoint protection, including their Managed XDR offering.


  • StorageCraft – learn what’s new with ShadowXafe 4.0, how it integrates with an OneXafe Solo backup device, and how to manage it all via OneSystem. Learn how it creates a true business continuity offering for your clients.
  • Trend Micro – hear how their new XDR technology collects and correlates deep activity data across multiple vectors. This includes email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks.
  • WatchGuard – specialists in network and Wi-Fi security. Find out how WatchGuard protects against all six known Wi-Fi threat categories.


Join us on Tuesday 18th August in Wellington, Wednesday 19th August in Christchurch and Thursday 20th August in Auckland from 4:00pm to 6:30pm. Register by clicking your city.


Lost when it comes to marketing? Get a free guide


An effective marketing programme pumps prospects and leads into a sales funnel. However, for many small business owners, marketing often falls on their shoulders. Without the necessary background skills, they’re often stumbling through a myriad of brand tactics. Luckily, there’s a free 18-page marketing eBook available: StorageCraft Partner Marketing Guide. It’s a checklist designed to help firms with limited or no dedicated marketing staff. It offers advice on how to position your firm, target prospects, and execute marketing programmes. Most importantly, it builds pipeline.


Grab your copy today. StorageCraft’s marketing team also offers personalised, free advice. Reach out via: marketing@storagecraft.com.au.


ShadowXafe 4.0 launches


The next evolution of StorageCraft’s SLA-driven backup technology is here! This significant upgrade builds on ShadowXafe’s ability to enhance and extend business continuity. It gives greater flexibility, while reducing cost. ShadowXafe is now manageable via StorageCraft’s OneSystem cloud-based management system. Along with the OneXafe Solo 300, this creates the ultimate solution for both physical and virtual machines – with the option to backup locally or direct to StorageCraft’s cloud. Your customers now have total coverage for a SLA driven, disaster recovery offering – regardless of machine type.


Partners can expect:
  • Better efficiency, increased profitability – reduce service ticket cycling and escalation, create less reactive noise, and optimize automation. In your service desk, time is money. Enjoy lower operating and resource costs, driving profitability.
  • Improved productivity – eliminate complexity with flexible, policy-based automation of backups and retention. Workflows are optimized for SLA-based administration. Help desk teams can manage deployment and recovery with ease and confidence.
  • Increased recovery speed – achieve instant recovery, every time and ensure customers are continuously up and running. ShadowXafe’s patented Virtual Boot technology allows the recovery of customer data in an instant.
  • Customisation ease – meet different SLA requirements, recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) via a cloud-based dashboard, for anytime, anywhere management.
Watch the recorded webcast to learn about this new release, and its benefits to your business.


What solutions does a 15-person reseller use? Data-Sec case study


Data-Sec is a German IT security firm, providing SMB clients all-inclusive solutions for data security, integrity and risk mitigation. With data volumes growing exponentially, sensitive company data is becoming more vulnerable. Data protection and security are top business priorities, not only for large corporations, but also SMBs. Data-Sec relies on StorageCraft solutions to ensure their data is always secure and available. Find out how ShadowXafe, OneXafe 4412 and Cloud Backup for Office 365 is a part of their service offering. Download the case study now.


Grab Solo content, to boost sales


StorageCraft’s Partner Zone has a wealth of content (videos, webinars, eBooks, infographics, datasheets, etc.) to help your sales discussions. Here’s a brief selection on OneXafe Solo, from their content library:
Head to the Partner Zone for even more content across StorageCraft’s range. Not yet registered? Email sales@sofsol.co.nz for simple registration instructions.


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Share a StorageCraft story, for no-cost marketing


Professionally shot videos and PDF case studies featuring your firm are costly to create. However, they are often the tools needed to get a prospect meeting. StorageCraft can help. Simply tell your (or your clients’) amazing data recovery story. StorageCraft will capture it as a professional video or case study. It’ll demonstrate a StorageCraft solution, with you as the hero in this tale! You are then free to use the content for your own; social channels, newsletters, tradeshows, website, prospecting, etc. Email storagecraft@sofsol.co.nz to get the next steps in motion.


Mitigating remote-work risks and ensuring business continuity


It’s clear that organisations are adopting a more flexible approach to remote working. Much of this is driven from the learnings over lockdown. Due to changing employee expectations, many now value the benefits of flexible working arrangements. As a result, IT teams must consider the heightened security risks when running a hybrid remote / on premise workforce. This isn’t only in the short term, but for the foreseeable future. Join StorageCraft’s webcast on 5th August, at 6pm for a 1hr webinar. Co-hosted by SonicWall and StorageCraft, you’ll learn how to best mitigate the risks associated with remote work, and ensure business continuity into the future.


Triple play incentives
There are multiple ways to grab yourself a Visa gift card from StorageCraft. Cards ranging from $25 to $500 are up for grabs, before 30 September.


  1. Get certified. Get Visa gift cards, guaranteed. Simply upskill yourself via free online courses.
  2. 15 min online meeting resulting in a Solo customer quote, gets a $100 Visa gift card.
  3. Simply post Solo content to your favourite social media, and win up to $500 in Visa gift cards.


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Partner promos


There’s a range of promotions to sweeten your sales this quarter.


  • OneXafe Solo NFR Special Offer
  • OneXafe Solo Try-then-Buy Programme
  • OneXafe Solo 45-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Aggressive end-user, customer ShadowXafe competitive upgrade
  • Get ShadowXafe at 50% off MSRP, for your own production environment
  • OneXafe Storage Disaster Recovery bundle
  • StorageCraft File Backup and Recovery offer


For in-depth details, click here.


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