4 ways data protection / storage will be different in 2021


Last year taught us that life can be totally unpredictable. COVID’s impact to how we work and live, ripples through to what, where and when data’s now generated. Such business-critical data still needs to be adequately protected and stored. StorageCraft looks ahead, with four observations on what will gain traction in 2021. Download the whitepaper now.


Ransomware attacks rose by 40% in 2020. Ready?


Last year saw an incredible 199.7 million attacks. This growth is being fuelled by the rise of “Ransomware-as-a-Service” (yes, that’s now a phrase). Little technical knowledge is now required to start an attack. Criminals just need to pass the ransomware developers their margin. This year, an attack will take place every 11 seconds. Furthermore, 62% of small and medium-sized businesses will be affected by ransomware. Arm yourself with right information, to protect yourself and your clients. In the event of a ransomware attack, a good disaster recovery plan is your lifeline to avoiding a disaster. Read this ebook today.


Disaster recovery via Cloud Services: on-demand webinar


StorageCraft Cloud Services is a secure, fault-tolerant cloud, designed specifically for disaster recovery. Architected from the ground up to move, manage, and streamline backup and recovery, it empowers complete business continuity for your customers. Bill Hansen, StorageCraft Senior Product Manager explains why it’s a solution to add into your offering. Check out the on-demand webinar. Note: for any new machines added before 31st March, get Cloud Services Premium for the price of Plus.


OneXafe Solo – backup for SMBs / branch offices


As you may already know, this backup appliance streams data directly to StorageCraft’s Disaster Recovery Cloud for simple business continuity. You then manage data protection from anywhere, at any time. Simply plug it in, and it’ll start protecting immediately. No on-site engineer required! Experience the power of OneXafe Solo, via a demo. Reach out to sales@sofsol.co.nz to book a suitable time.


Object storage takes virtualisation to the next level: whitepaper


By 2025, data volume is projected to be 1,000 percent more than what it is today. Your current storage solution is unlikely to cope – having hit its architecture limits. That’s why many organisations are implementing scale-out storage solutions to keep up with data explosion. You skip expensive forklift upgrades. Object storage manages data in a scalable manner. Read the whitepaper to learn more object storage’s advantages, and how it is takes storage virtualisation to another level.


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Solo: 70% off NFR offer


Order your OneXafe Solo NFR unit and save up to 70% off the regular price. It includes a 12-month subscription, and premium Support for up to 3 machines. Once the first 12-month subscription expires, you can renew at the same price. Learn more here.


Cloud Services Premium, for the price of Plus!


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Get certified. Get paid.


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