When the Soft Solutions SOS service was first created, it filled a highly sought after gap in the New Zealand market. It was built as a simple service for resellers looking for offsite backup for their StorageCraft backups in the days where UFB had barely started rolling out. The vast majority of end users still sat on ADSL and ADSL2+ links and were typically using StorageCraft ShadowStream to send their files offsite due to poor speeds, or throttling IntelligentFTP to outside office hours to save on bandwidth (Or not sending backups offsite at all). These were the days when the standard backup job was a weekly full to rotating USB drives if you were lucky, and typically to an internal drive on the server if you weren’t.

End users slowly moved away from the weekly full backup strategy, and went down the smarter continuous incremental backup path. Using StorageCraft ImageManager to set consolidation, retention and verification of the chain allowed for smart management of the backup chain. The continuous incremental method immediately made offsite backups a no brainer. Sending small intra daily unconsolidated files, or the single consolidated daily to an offsite backup location was now manageable, especially with VDSL2+ and UFB slowly rolling out via Chorus to end user sites.

SOS served as an easy replication target for ImageManager, with an easy to understand pricing model provided as a reseller only service. As we told the SOS story to our customers, the service underwent an influx of savvy resellers providing cost effective DR to their end users. The brilliance in coming onto the SOS service is that it was scalable with both its volume sizes and its pricing points. It fundamentally made offsite backup simple and affordable.

We are extremely excited with the growth of our SOS service. To keep up with the increasing rate of demand for New Zealand based offsite backup we have recently given the server a complete overhaul with its resources. SOS now sits on new hardware with larger CPU and memory resource, more disk redundancy in place to provide further peace of mind and a dedicated larger network link into the datacentre to accept the numerous inbound connections from our reseller customers. It’s faster, it’s affordable and it’s simple.

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