2020 has been a massive year of change across industries. We adapted to working from home, changing how we interacted overnight. Our team reflects below.


I came into the first lockdown full of fear for the security of the jobs of our team, knowing that business would quickly dry up – little realising just how strong the investment in new technology would prove to be. Not just the headsets and other devices for the country’s move to working from home, but with travel off the agenda organisations of all sizes took the opportunity to invest in tools to help with the digital transformation projects that had been on hold for so long. So the team not only survived but has grown this year. Thanks to my team for keeping the communication going with our customers and vendors despite sometimes trying personal circumstances, and I look forward to a prosperous 2021.

– Chris Fitzgerald (Managing Director)


In 2020; we pivoted, challenged, innovated, virtualized, isolated, quarantined, despaired, rejoiced but most of all, united. United to overcome the biggest obstacle we’ve all faced and through an abundance of kindness here we are on the other side. So incredibly proud of my team for the huddles, laughs, thoughts and compassion and so excited for our channel as a new, bigger, better year dawns. 2021, let’s go!



– Jason Gass (Sales Manager)


2020 has been a year like no other – I’ve always been proud to call myself a New Zealander, but never more so than this year.  2020 will be remembered for the Covid-19 pandemic, but what I’ll take away from it is memories of spending time with my family in our “bubble” and being grateful to be safe and healthy down here in little NZ.  Our new normal brought our friends and families closer but also our work colleagues – we implemented a Team Huddle each day and it’s amazing the stories we’ve heard but they stay in our “safe zone”.  Seeing technology that enables WFH (Work From Home) actually being fully utilised and being a part of that has also been rewarding.  2020 has been a reset – bring on 2021 and all it’s got to offer.  Stay safe, be kind and enjoy the downtime over the holiday break.

– Megan Twentyman (Productivity BDM)


2020 really showed me the importance of time and taught me a great lesson on patience. From getting married in Level 3 to seeing 19 partners in 3 days, it’s all a matter of time. Really looking forward to 2021 and making the most out of what we have.




– Arsh Singh (SMB Channel Manager)


Tough times never last, but tough people do! Got my New Zealand citizenship in February 2020 and I am blessed to call this my home. Time to show our gratitude and care for others in need. Learnt a lot about how quickly things can change and how it can transform into a new normal.




– Kris S (Enterprise Solutions Delivery Manager – ManageEngine NZ team)


Out of the many things we all learnt in 2020, one key takeaway for me is spending/investing wisely for a secure future. Whether it is about investing in real estate or shares in your personal life, or the tools / software / people for your business, it is so important to make the right choices and invest in things that are going to be assets and not liabilities. I am so happy to have the opportunity to help our customers with cost optimisation, to choose the right products and surviving through these difficult times together. I look forward to helping our customers continue making the right decisions in 2021.


– Dhruv Patel (Customer Success Manager – ManageEngine NZ team)


One word that comes into mind for 2020 is ‘resilience’. We’ve shown how resilient we as New Zealanders are. To be able to cope with a country-wide lockdown (2 lockdowns for us in Auckland) and to band together as a team for the greater good. We showed resiliency by staying strong, being kind and being there for one another. Resilient also describes our industry, I feel blessed to be part of the IT industry and community. One that is not only resilient enough to cope through the lockdown and come out of the other end still in good shape, but to also be the ones to enable others cope, keep in touch, and carry on in the face of the unknown.


– Kenny Cheung (Sales Engineer – ManageEngine NZ team)



This year will definitely go down in the history books as a year that shook the world. It really did put a lot of things into perspective and I believe certain things will never be the same again. At times, there was a lot of uncertainty of how the pandemic will pan out. But I am very fortunate to be a New Zealander and to be part of a great team at Soft Solutions. The support of the team has helped me grow personally and professionally, even through the tough times. With all the different experiences that we’ve gone through this year, it has helped us overcome the obstacles and become better versions of ourselves.


– Shavindra Sharma (Marketing Coordinator)


2020’s shown me how mortal, human beings really are. That life as we know it, can completely change in a matter of days. As long as we always act based on facts, integrity and compassion, we’ll come through stronger. The phrase I learnt most from this year wasn’t “work from home”, “social distancing” or “stay within your bubble…” but “be kind”.



– Will Lai (Brand & Marketing Manager)


Thank you to all our partners for choosing Soft Solutions as your IT solutions provider. We appreciate your support and look forward to working with you in 2021.