Soft Solutions is most commonly known for the distribution of a wide range of IT solutions, including VoIP solutions. As well as providing these solutions, one of our focuses is around enabling our partners working in the VoIP space. We know for partners entering this space it can be a little daunting at first, and that’s where we are able to assist in meeting all of your clients’ needs from our VoIP Product Portfolio. We help with quoting the right solutions and assistance with our chargeable services to help with the implementation. The services have proved to be very beneficial for our customers, who are just starting with VoIP as they learn the basics and have our support, so that moving forward they can arrange installs themselves. Our services are not limited to customers entering the VoIP space – we are here to support all of our customers.

Professional Services are carried out by a senior member of our technical team with a high level of knowledge around 3CX, Grandstream and other hardware brands.  Chargeable services are available on site or remotely – on site incurs travel costs.  Some ways our partners have utilised these services are:

1) 3CX troubleshooting in conjunction with the reseller partner network technician.

2) 3CX training for your customer, with your account manager or technician present, so the end customer believes it’s an expert you’ve brought into assist – the idea is that your account manager or technician will learn as part of this process and have the confidence to deliver this training in the future – simple things like blind or attended call transfers, how to make a call, etc.

3) Assisting you to close the sale of a 3CX system, by providing a sales overview look at that dashboard at your clients site.

4) Auditing an existing 3CX system to ensure your customer is utilizing the power of the solution to their best advantage and being as efficient as possible.

Services are charged out as follows:

  • $150.00 excl. GST per hour
  • $500.00 excl. GST per half day
  • $1000.00 excl. GST per full day
  • Travel to and from all around New Zealand
  • Accommodation if required

Terms and conditions apply – for more information contact our VoIP Team.

Terms and conditions

Services are to be agreed and booked in advance and are non-refundable.  As a disclaimer, services are based solely on troubleshooting the installation component of 3CX and Grandstream only (full scope to be agreed prior to booking) and the reseller should provide a suitable technician to be available at the time of the services taking place. If it is found that the cause, problems or issues are network, firewall, connectivity, broadband, SIP or other broader network related issues. We are unable to assist further on its correction and can have no active involvement in correcting networking related problems. We can accept no responsibility if it is determined that this is the root cause and unfortunately can offer no refunds on time already spent/booked. We strongly suggest that a certified network engineer does a thorough assessment of the network prior to proceeding with the job.


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