CloudHook Offers Best Value for Local and Offsite Cloud Backups Available Today. PHD Virtual Technologies has announced the introduction of PHD Virtual 6.2 CloudHook, the first and only solution on the market to offer powerful local VM backup capabilities, as well as a seamless link to public or private cloud storage for offsite backups. The latest release of PHD’s Virtual Backup and Replication includes a module for virtual backup to the cloud making it easy, seamless and affordable for small to medium-sized businesses to backup and recover data to and from the cloud at the touch of a button.


With PHD CloudHook, customers can avoid buying and managing costly cloud gateway appliances and cumbersome tape or other storage media for offsite backups. The PHD Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA) now gives you an easy-to-configure option in the cloud that removes all of that complexity. The best part is that you can recover just as easily from the cloud as you can from your local backups. Getting set up is quick and easy — one click in the PHD console backs up data to the customer’s choice of popular third party cloud providers, such as Amazon, Google, Rackspace or another private/public cloud provider storage. All provide the flexibility to scale as data storage needs increase.


PHD customers can use cloud storage as the main backup storage target to avoid managing backup storage completely. They could also implement a hybrid storage model that includes critical VM backups on local storage to meet fast recovery time objectives, as well as backups in the cloud for less critical VMs. Otherwise, they could simply use cloud storage for a basic offsite backup option. The flexibility to leverage the cloud as a legitimate target for backups is there with PHD.


PHD’s Virtual Backup 6.2 with CloudHook builds on its unique, patented virtual appliance architecture to deliver the most powerful, feature-filled, easy to use backup solution for virtual servers at a fraction of the cost of competitive alternatives. The newly added cloud backup features include:


  • Built in Data Reduction: PHD Virtual incorporates change tracking, source-side data deduplication and compression to send as little data as possible to the backup target which becomes a big advantage when dealing with low-bandwidth, high-latency connections over the Internet.
  • Assured Security: PHD provides government grade encryption both in transit and at rest on the backup target. As users send important data over the Internet to 3rd party storage, it is important that the data is secure.
  • Local Caching: Transferring data over the Internet has performance limitations. PHD’s CloudHook adds the benefit of local caching to significantly boost performance and reliability of the data transfer.
  • Flexible Retention: PHD’s Virtual Full backup mode offers the most flexible retention available for virtualization backup. Due to the enhancements gained from CloudHook, users can freely leverage Virtual Full backups and the great benefits they provide for flexible long-term retention with high deduplication.
  • True Forever Incremental Backups: The first backup to the cloud can be time consuming and resource intensive. Once the first backup is complete, customers do not want to perform periodic full backups, or even synthetic full backups that introduce additional processing and risk of corruption. PHD’s Virtual Full mode never requires any periodic or synthetic full backups, ensuring the most efficient Internet data transfer to cloud storage.


For further information on PHD Virtual Backup visit or to trial the new PHDVB 6.2 for 15 Days click here.

Coming Soon! Expanded Value from PHD Virtual Cloud Services


PHD Virtual has introduced CloudHook cloud backup as the first installment in a comprehensive cloud strategy that will include additional PHD Virtual Cloud Services to be introduced over the next several months. Watch for these additional cloud features and services coming soon.


PHD Virtual Archive in the Cloud


PHD Virtual CloudHook will soon let you take advantage of the cloud for long term retention and avoid the hassles and inefficiencies associated with tape, and the cost and complexity associated with managing a secondary site. You’ll only use the PHD VBA to backup locally. The local backups will then be automatically replicated to cloud storage via the archive functionality provided by PHD Virtual.


Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud with PHD Virtual Cloud Services


In the near future you’ll be able to leverage your backups in the PHD Cloud for rapid recovery if a disaster occurs. VMs will be replicated or recovered (using Standard or Instant methods) to the cloud hypervisor. This will enable you to shrink RTO’s dramatically in the event of a disaster by providing a secondary “site” that delivers an easily accessible cloud infrastructure that automates DR testing and failover tasks to ensure your critical business services are available. You’ll get all the benefits of having a secondary site and measurable DR plan, without any of the costs or complexities associated with managing one.


The Investment


PHD Virtual CloudHook is and add-on component of all editions of PHD Virtual Backup for both VMware and Citrix. It is available as an annual subscription of $95 however until the 30th of April PHD Virtual are offering two great promotions.


Offer 1: Available Exclusively to PHD Virtual Customers:


Get CloudHook for 50% off the annual subscription price in year one – It’s a “no-brainer” to try CloudHook and backup to the cloud for $47.50 per host!


Offer 2: Available to Everyone:


Get CloudHook for FREE for ALL your PHD Virtual Backup licensed hosts for the first year with the purchase of one PHD Virtual Backup license (i.e. existing customers can add just 1 more Host to their license and get CloudHook for all their licensed Hosts for 12 months for free).


For a more in-depth discussion on PHD (Unitrends) Virtual Backup and CloudHook please contact Paul Leslie.


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