The OneXafe Solo is the new compact plug-and-play appliance from StorageCraft. It is easy to deploy and manage and is perfect for small businesses. Simply plug it in and your data can be backed up and replicated to StorageCraft’s cloud, as well as your own storage, for disaster recovery.

Many partners deploy it to SMBs, to avoid costly investment in storage or infrastructure. Another use case that gets overlooked, is deploying it to protect the data of remote offices of a larger enterprise.

Imagine having multiple branches across the country, or even remote offices around the world. What would be the simplest way to ensure the data from these offices are protected and is easy to manage?

That’s the problem Dennis Publishing had to tackle when integrating their UK and US offices, as documented in the recent success story published by StorageCraft. (Read the success story here).

OneXafe Solo units are managed and monitored by the same cloud-based OneSystem dashboard as ShadowXafe, which Dennis Publishing already deployed at their main offices. This allows their IT team to focus on one dashboard, for monitoring, backing up and restoring data across all locations.

It is also extremely easy to deploy, needing only an ethernet cable and power cable plugged in to get started. This allows a reseller to send it out to the remote branch, and only needing someone on the other end plugging in 2 cables to bring it online. It’s a task even the most novice person could do.

OneXafe Solo

The rear of the OneXafe Solo unit, keeping it super simple to set up.

Once it’s online, the reseller can configure the OneXafe Solo from the cloud. Start backups for the new office, without even needing to leave the house! Better yet, deploy ShadowXafe to the main branch offices to enable a single-pane of glass for your entire infrastructure.

Do you have a customer in mind that would be perfect for deploying a OneXafe Solo? Contact us today for more information and learn about the 45-day Try then Buy promotion!