Offer clients password

Are you looking to offer clients password management, with your own branding? PassPortal gives MSPs’ technicians, a better way to manage clients’ credentials. It’s a centralised, cloud-based platform where passwords are stored, searched, changed and easily configured. There’s no longer a need to maintain insecure spreadsheets!

PassPortal Site is a module, that lets you to offer the same password management service to your customers. They’ll get the ability to automatically and securely share approved passwords between you, their staff and internally in co-managed IT environment. With this new service, your clients can:

  • Centralise and secure their corporate and personal passwords.
  • Set up folders to organise and categorise passwords.
  • Manage all employees and data access rights.
  • Receive notifications of all passwords known by departing employees.
  • Generate strong and unique passwords.
  • Login to saved websites with 1 click.
  • Run audits and reports internally.

PassPortal offer clients password management, with your branding when needed. Want to find out more? Reach out to for further details, or to set up a trial.