Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure offers an ultra-secure, ultra-reliable email protection and archiving platform that protects businesses from phishing, malware, and other email-borne threats. Mail Assure provides the best-in-class email protection and email archiving with unparalleled service stability and excellent user experience.

24/7 Built-In Email Continuity

Compatible with Any Kind of Email Service

Mail Archiving

Additional Security Layer for Office 365

Virtually no downtime in over a decade

Mail Assure

Advanced threat protection for email

Users can see messages in quarantine and view, release, remove, blacklist, block, or whitelist messages. This feeds into our Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine and combines with real-time, pattern-based threat-recognition to help protect your users against emerging email-borne threats, with 2B+ spam messages blocked per month.

DKIM signatures

User & permission management

Multi-tenant web interface

Extension & attachment blocking management

Easy setup

SSL/TLS traffic encryption

Stay secure on Office 365

Mail Assure offers seamless integration with Office 365, via an add-in, to enhance your experience by helping provide protection against email threats. On top of that, Mail Assure provides email continuity solutions – even if Office 365 has an outage or is down for maintenance.

Single sign-on

Ability to train the system

24/7 built-in email continuity

Increased protection against email threats

No hardware installation required

Mail Assure

Encrypted email archiving services

You never know when you’ll need to retrieve an old email. You may need to restore an accidentally deleted message or show evidence during the e-discovery portion of an audit or lawsuit. With Mail Assure, you can store email for as long as you need and help reduce customer data loss with robust encrypted email archiving that includes an unlimited retention period.

Compressed storage

Advanced content & attachment-based search

Custom retention period

Ability to enable or disable archiving

Journaling support

Advanced redelivery

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