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desktop central cloud
There have been several Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks on major networks in New Zealand recently. These kinds of attacks are the most dreaded for SMB and Enterprise networks. Do you have the right solutions in place? Kris (Solutions Delivery Manager) is running a free webinar on Wednesday 30th September, at 11am. Join to learn about 2020’s Cybersecurity Report and Insights. See the most common attack vectors now being employed. And hear how ManageEngine solutions can help you prevent and mitigate cyber-threats.

Desktop Central Cloud: embrace UEM the SaaS way

ManageEngine’s unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, Desktop Central is now available in the cloud. Desktop Central Cloud can monitor, secure and manage all network endpoints (including BYOD devices), in a simplified process. You now have the ability to troubleshoot remotely, manage patches, deploy Service Packs and more, from the cloud.

desktop central cloud

Enhanced security for business data

desktop central cloud

When it comes to business data, it can be at rest, in motion from one place to another, or in use by employees. Make sure you fortify mobile devices to keep your data secure. It can become an issue when IT administrators don’t have adequate control, or lack visibility of devices accessing business networks and data.

Mobile Device Manager Plus provides comprehensive capabilities to fortify mobile devices and data security remotely. Make sure you have enhanced security for business data, throughout its life cycle.

Ensure optimum application performance. All-in-one monitoring includes VoIP applications

Make sure that your VoIP applications are providing a positive experience for employees or clients. You can keep everything glitch-free and eliminate reasons for poor quality, by monitoring it around the clock.

desktop central cloud

In real time you can gauge the user experience and check what can be improved on. Identifying these issues will help resolve them quickly. With Site24x7 you can collect and manage event metrics from webinars, chats, conference rooms, websites, servers and more. Then analyse their performance and availability from the cloud.

Execute the perfect VPN strategy

desktop central cloud

With the current climate, a lot of organisations are adopting a remote work model. For this to work effectively, it’s important to have virtual private network (VPN) connections set for employees accessing business-critical data remotely.

It’s time to craft a spot-on VPN strategy using ManageEngine’s intelligent VPN monitoring solution.

How much is data hoarding costing you?

There might be junk data hiding, that has no value to your business. Data storage files can consist of duplicate files, media files, stale files, non-business files, vulnerable data and more. FileAnalysis can help locate and manage stored junk data. There is a free interactive ROT data calculator available, to help you uncover how much junk data is in your network.

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desktop central cloud