If you’re a project manager (PM), you’ll know that IT projects can get complex, quick. Many large IT projects involve various people / technologies / solutions, to successfully complete on time. A PM’s main goal is to drive successful outcomes at each project stage, by controlling these variables. PMs are responsible for ensuring their team is on track, and to help overcome any difficulties they encounter.

Common issues PMs encounter:

  • Inadequate tools and resources for project management – poor (or no) tools to track project progress / identify constraints ahead of project milestones.
  • Poor prioritisation of important tasks – high priority tasks are not assessed on time, resulting in overdue tasks / poor time management.
  • Poor collaboration – some tasks may not be completed due to the lack of communication between team members.

Create powerful visualisations for your data sources

ManageEngine’s Analytics Plus is an on-premises solution that makes project management more transparent and easier to execute. Analytics Plus can be integrated and used alongside numerous Project Management software, helping to represent and analyse this data in a very detailed perspective.

Weaknesses in data and project progress can be identified much more easily with Analytics Plus, assisting its users to make quick and effective decisions earlier. This ensures tasks are completed on time and a successful completion more likely.

Analytics Plus converts data from project management software into powerful visualisations. This helps PMs compare key data across a range of applications, from a single interface. These visualisations are accessed via a detailed dashboard, that presents a high-level view of all their IT projects.

Project Manager Dashboards assist PMs through various tasks such as:

Project Planning

  • Compare data across past projects to identify weaknesses.
  • Identify specific project categories that may cause delays.
  • Identify particular team-members who have difficulties in their set tasks.

Project Tracking

  • Gain access to powerful reports that assist in successful tracking (e.g. Burndown Charts & Burnup Charts).
  • Assists in ensuring projects are completed on time successfully by identifying potential delays early.


  • Create custom project groups where team members can collaborate more easily and securely.
  • Analyse, communicate and customise reports & dashboards with project-members online.
  • Chat boxes are available where project members can communicate with each other in real-time and make effective decisions quickly.

Introduce a holistic view to your projects and transform the way you manage a project! For more information, reach out to the ManageEngine NZ team at sales@manageengine.co.nz.

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