IT asset management is a critical function of any IT infrastructure. Successfully managing IT assets in a business’s infrastructure can make significant cost savings, helping organisations work more efficiently in the long run.

However, when assets are not managed correctly, this can lead to a range of challenges that can greatly affect their organisation’s processes.

Does one or more of these sound familiar to you?

  • Unorganised asset data – unable to identify critical assets in an organisation’s IT infrastructure.
  • Ghost assets – assets that are present in the asset registry but are not physically available in the organisation.
  • Misplaced assets – poor software compliance leading to missing assets.
  • Unknown asset relationship – lack of understanding of the relationship between assets in the IT environment.
  • Poor asset usage – increase of unnecessary asset costs due to the lack of proper asset management practices.

With ManageEngine’s AssetExplorer, managing assets is no longer a challenge.

asset management

How can AssetExplorer help you?
  • Discover all the assets in your network.
  • Manage and monitor software and hardware assets.
  • Manage the complete IT asset lifecycle.
  • Ensure software license compliance.
  • Make informed decisions about hardware and software purchases throughout the entire IT lifecycle.
  • Track purchase orders and contracts.
  • Know the total cost of ownership of an asset.

If you’d like to know more on how AssetExplorer can help achieve these benefits in your infrastructure, reach out to the ManageEngine NZ team at