During the first half of 2020, office workers across New Zealand rallied together to fight the unseen enemy. Along the way, Kiwis proved that they can be as productive working on the couch, as in the office.

Fast forward to Q3 2020 in post-lockdown New Zealand. Remote working is still prevalent for many office workers. Only time will tell whether this becomes a permanent change.

While many of us reap the benefits of working from home (more time with family, less time in traffic, etc.), IT admins from many organisations are left scratching their heads wondering:

  • How do I manage all these endpoints if they won’t be on-site?
  • How do I ensure all the endpoints are patched and up to date?
  • What happens if one of the company iPhones gets lost?


Gone are the days when you’d get a shoulder tap when something wasn’t working, or you’d ask someone to bring their laptop for you to look at. Now you’re expected to perform these fixes remotely.

If you’re waking up from nightmares, worrying about unpatched laptops or sensitive company information on the company phone getting lost – then remote endpoint management is the medicine to help you sleep better.

ManageEngine Desktop Central UEM is a unified remote endpoint management solution that helps IT admins oversee all remote endpoints. This ensures they are in tip-top shape by proactively securing all network devices, encrypting corporate data, and much more.

With Desktop Central, you can manage any type of endpoint – servers, laptops, smartphones, tablets. Whether it’s Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android, it’s all managed from a central location and can be scaled based on the needs of the organisation. There’s even a Desktop Central app allowing you to remotely management your endpoints while you are out and about.

With a simple agent, you can perform:

  • Patch management
  • Software deployment
  • OS imaging and deployment
  • Remote control
  • Mobile device management (including tracking devices in real-time or remotely wiping the device if it gets lost or stolen)
  • Modern management for Windows 10 devices

You can even restrict and control usage of USB devices at a user and computer level.

Desktop Central features tight integration with other ManageEngine solutions such as:

  • ServiceDesk Plus
  • Vulnerability Manager Plus
  • Browser Security Plus
  • Analytics Plus


Contact us today for a demo and see how Desktop Central can make your life easier for endpoint management.