IT changes are one of the main sources of outages, that easily impact a business’s production environment. Change management is an ITSM (IT Service Management) process that has been designed to mitigate such risks, however, it’s often difficult to follow. Potential impacts can affect rebooting a server.

The top four most common challenges before implementing any IT change within infrastructure are:

  1. Discovering all potential impacts.
  2. Updating appropriate documents to align with the change process.
  3. Lacking visibility into your change process.
  4. Juggling multiple simultaneous changes along with multiple stakeholders.


Discovering all potential impacts before a change is challenging as well as time-consuming because of  a) the lack of knowledge b) improper documentation.

The ideal solution is to have a view, through which one can fetch all the dependencies within all the Configuration Items (CIs) in the network.

If you can identify who will lose their internet before rebooting a small Access Point in the office, just imagine the amount of dependencies you can pull out before rebooting a server.


Relationship Map is designed to help you understand the dependencies between the CIs. The relationships between the CIs are discovered automatically while populating the CIs into the CMDB (by importing users from Active Directory or from LDAP, performing a Windows Domain Scan or a Network Scan).

Using the Relationship Map, you can analyze the impact caused by the CI on business service, and identify the root cause of the impact. Thus you establish appropriate measures to gradually eliminate the perpetual issues faced by your organization.




Start using the Relationship Map feature embedded in ManageEngine AssetExplorer.

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