Ensuring uninterrupted availability of services is virtually impossible. Outages and scheduled maintenance carried out by businesses are inevitable. This can greatly affect the usage of these services by stakeholders.

Unexpected downtime can lead to the lack of communication with stakeholders, due to the support team’s focus on finding solutions to the root problem. This issue can severely deteriorate the quality-of-service businesses offer.

When services are unavailable, businesses need a tool to transparently communicate with stakeholders. Such stakeholders should be able to see the status of services at any time. They need to clearly understand the issues preventing them from accessing these services, as well as how the issue is being resolved. Site24x7’s StatusIQ helps achieve this by ensuring stakeholders stay updated, and successful communication is achieved.

What is StatusIQ?

Site24x7’s StatusIQ is a valuable tool which eliminates these problems. It helps businesses communicate with their customers more efficiently, when services are unavailable. StatusIQ provides accurate status pages, that help users stay up to date with scheduled maintenance, outages, recovery plans and security / privacy breaches that may occur.

Status pages include the following features:

  • Active Incidents – access updates for ongoing incidents and maintenance info, till a resolution is found. Updates show the severity of incidents to keep customers informed.
  • Component Summary – represents the status of all the functional resources in your IT infrastructure.
  • Component Status History – displays a comprehensive view of uptime and availability of all the components in your IT infrastructure.
  • Upcoming Maintenance – contains details about any upcoming scheduled maintenance for the next 31 days.

Incident History – represents a detailed record of resolved incidents and maintenance for the past 7 days.




If you are interested in learning more about Site24x7’s StatusIQ and setting up your own Status Page to communicate with your customers. Reach out to sales@manageengine.co.nz today and they will be able to assist you.