As New Zealand companies get into the swing of the new ‘normal’, cost optimisation remains high on every executive’s priority list. One solution is the concept of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) –applying IT Service Management (ITSM) concepts to other departments such as human resources, facilities, travel and fleet.

In most organisations, these departments would run their own shared mailboxes, maintain data on spreadsheets and operate in their own individual data silos. With the lack of established processes, it can be a challenge to deliver services efficiently.

ESM allows all departments to standardise on one platform and optimise their service delivery using ITSM best practices. This includes ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) practices, and service desk tools to manage their processes. By extending the same level of consumer-focused service delivery to internal staff, they enjoy consistent, seamless service delivery across departments.

To illustrate, imagine only having to log into one single, unified portal to:

  • log a ticket with IT about your email issue, and to check other open tickets.
  • request a flight and hotel room for your conference trip next month.
  • find out who our stationary supplier is and the procedure to order.
  • report a hazard to the Health & Safety team.

On the other hand, department processes become more streamlined and efficient. For example, when a new employee joins an organisation, HR can easily send out tasks to each department to ensure the new employee is onboarded properly. With a single click, HR can ask:

  • IT to set up user credentials and prepare their equipment.
  • Facilities to arrange a desk space for them.
  • Fleet to arrange a company vehicle.
  • Health & Safety to schedule in an onboarding session with them.

All these tasks can be automatically assigned to the right people in the right teams, and be trackable by HR. This is all achievable with ESM.

ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus ESM is a software platform that enables ESM within an organisation. It allows departments to deliver services to their users in a streamlined and cost-effective way. It is available in cloud and on-premise versions to suit any organisation.


IT Service Management


With ServiceDesk Plus, you can:

  • Spin up a unique instance in less than 60 seconds, for each department.
  • Create a common portal for staff to access IT, HR, facilities, marketing and other support channels.
  • Standardise service delivery by utilising automation, smart routing and visual workflows for each department.
  • Implement SLAs for each department.
  • Utilise Change, Problem and Project Management functions to improve process and service delivery for non-IT departments.


IT Service Management


Want to know more? Here’s a quick video with a more detailed walk-through of ServiceDesk Plus ESM. Or contact us at to find out how ServiceDesk Plus can help your organisation.