Being an effective service provider for your customers is about proactively fixing potential issues. SNMP checks in an RMM tool have a lot of power – isn’t it great to be alerted when a printer’s yellow toner is low so you can change it on your schedule rather than the urgent call when it runs out and the printer won’t print colour – but finding an OID (whatever that is!) and setting up just one check can take 15 minutes or more so most of us have never bothered. A new module in the SolarWinds MSP RMM tool has it all programmed for you. Intuitive options to get alerts when firewall traffic is out of sync or a printer is jammed. The Network Devices module will monitor and discover routers, firewalls, network printers and more. It also gives you an easy tool to discover MAC/IP addresses, firmware version, hostname, etc. No using SolarWinds MSP? Don’t want full RMM? No problem – you can just activate the Network Devices module to get the great discovery and alerting this provides. The full press release and installation instructions are available here. If you’re interested in proactively managing your clients with SolarWinds MSP RMM, you can sign up for a free trial here or get in contact with our SolarWinds MSP Team today. Say goodbye to SNMP today.