Cyber security is one of the hottest IT topics right now and it doesn’t matter how big your business is, you need to be secure! Malware attacks and other security breaches will always be something that happens, so what extra security precautions are you taking to keep you and your customers safe? Understanding that there is no security solution that is 100% safe will allow you to find and implement a strong solution that drastically reduces risk. Are you on top of your cyber security?


By appropriately planning for risk rather than aiming for 100% security keeps the conversation open on how you can stay secure. There is no one security solution that works for every business as they each have their own needs. For example; banks are going to need a stronger IT security solution than a men’s retail store as there is a higher risk if something were to be breached. This is becoming the new way of security, analysing the risk of your business and the implications of a breach if it were to happen. But there are different aspects of your business which are more valuable than others, realising that allows for you to figure out which assets are the most valuable and means that you can figure out where it is most important for you to up security. So, implementing one security solution to the whole thing is not going to work, you need to be able to add extra security to certain assets that are more valuable and have more repercussion if there were to be a breach of those assets. That is not to say that you aren’t protecting your other assets, just being more practical and providing more attention to the security in areas where needed.


Looking at security different from the traditional methods will keep you ahead of the game, whatever industry you are in. If your security were to be breached it is not just going to be just you affected, your customers are going to be at risk of their data being breached too. If your customer’s data is breached then they are not going to be happy paying for an insecure service, making them question if it is really worth it to continue using your service. But now if you were to have an excellent security system in place then your customers will back you up to potential new prospects that could be interested in using your service. But security breaches are not one-sided, they could easily come from your customers or your vendor, so it is important to be confident with the security of any businesses you are getting involved with so you can protect yourself. Cyber security is key for any business.


Important questions to ask yourself when setting up your security system


  • What current systems have you got in place? What do they do?
  • How much risk is there involved in your business?
  • What are the implications on assets if there were a breach?
  • How much risk can you afford to have?
  • Which certain assets need stronger security due to their value?


If you can provide a service that is secure and reliable then it will differentiate your business from any other in the same industry. SolarWinds MSP Remote Monitoring and Management is an all-in-one software that helps you have full control over your IT systems. Rather than having multiple different software’s doing one or two things each, Solarwinds MSP RMM brings it all together to provide a layered security service that is customisable to your business needs. There are quite general services that you have access to but also you have the ability to implement your own coding which allows for complete control over your security systems in place. Time to ensure your cyber security is up to date. For a free SolarWinds MSP trial, click here or get in contact with our Sales Team.