Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform. Everyone has the app on their phone. But not everyone is aware of their privacy being at risk.

What’s happened in the last few months, regarding Facebook’s security?

During mid-April, a security researcher noticed Facebook asking users to provide email passwords. If a user entered their password, Facebook would import the user’s contact list without asking permission. Ultimately, Facebook collected contact lists from 1.5 million users.

At the start of April, researchers discovered third-party databases containing 146 GB of Facebook data, covering 540 million users, exposed publicly.corporate data

Early this year, Facebook was caught exploiting a loophole in Apple’s iOS policies and distributing a research app using an enterprise certificate.

Last December, a Facebook API bug exposed the photos of 6.8 million users.

Last September, Facebook discovered a security issue that would’ve allowed hackers to take over ~50 million accounts.

Scared? When downloading and installing these phone apps, we all accept their terms and conditions without thoroughly reading them. Realistically, it’s hard to go through all their terms and conditions. But the fact is, we are giving away control of our private information to these vendors. This data is vulnerable.

For corporate devices, it is vital to have the right security policies and to mitigate this risk of compromising corporate data.

Consider Mobile Device Manager Plus – as it has crucial mobile security management features. You can strengthen and enforce security policies to various levels, to suit your security needs. It helps manage and protect mobile devices, network and data resource access.

For corporate devices, you can enforce stringent security policies by:

  • Enforcing a stronger password to guard data from third-party intrusions.
  • Audit and analyse all information on apps installed.
  • Secure certificate-based enrolment for selective devices.
  • Setting role-based device usage permissions.
  • Providing platform containerisation of corporate data.


Curious how to improve mobile devices’ data security?

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 Dhruv Patel | Senior Pre-sales Solutions Engineer