Smartphones and tablets can more-or-less run a business in today’s world. They’ll handle mundane activities like answering emails or taking a café order, to something critical like monitoring / managing a vast network infrastructure.

However, as mobile devices become more integral, security risks and other complications caused by them need to be effectively managed. This is where a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution comes into play.

For those looking for a better way to manage their organisation’s mobile devices, here are 3 simple reasons why ManageEngine’s Mobile Device Manager Plus should be your MDM solution of choice.


  1. Comprehensive device management
  • Easily enroll BYOD and corporate devices, supporting all platforms – iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Chromebooks.
  • One intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard with an overview of the entire device ecosystem in your organisation.
  • View and troubleshoot devices through remote control. No more awkward phone calls trying to describe what’s on the screen to one another.
  • Ensure all devices enrolled are compliant with security policies.


  1. Easy app management
  • Easy app distribution / management of in-house and store apps for all supported platforms, as well as app licenses.
  • Lock down devices to only run approved apps, or even a single app (like a kiosk).
  • Ability to separate company work profiles from personal profiles, within apps.


  1. Secure your corporate data, devices and network
  • Geographically track the device and remotely wipe device data in case of loss/theft.
  • Detect and report high risk and non-compliant devices within the network (i.e. jail-broken or rooted devices).
  • Only allow enrolled devices to connect to authorised Wi-Fi networks.
  • Configure a VPN for corporate resources and apps.
  • Prevent users from accessing unauthorised websites by blacklisting web content.
  • Ensure that email attachments are viewed only through certain managed apps.


3 simple reasons


…and more!

Mobile Device Manager Plus is available as an on-prem or cloud solution. If these 3 simple reasons, sound exactly like what your organisation needs? Contact us for a personalised demo, or click here to try the cloud version yourself!