Although the OneXafe Solo has been the highlight of StorageCraft’s portfolio in recent times, ShadowProtect is still used in many deployments to protect thousands of servers around the world. Due to this long-lasting popularity, StorageCraft has continued with a developmental roadmap for ShadowProtect and recently released its latest iteration – SPX 7. The main focus of this update is to improve the security, reliability, stability and usability of the ShadowProtect suite of products, including ImageManager and ShadowControl.

If you’re still on the fence about upgrading, here’s a quick overview on what’s new in ShadowProtect SPX, Image Manager and ShadowControl:

  • The SPX agent now supports the latest CentOS/RHEL 8, Ubuntu 20.04, and ESXi 6.7 (with ESXi 7 support coming later this year).
  • Usability for large volumes is now improved with EFI-GPT support for volumes greater than 2TB, VirtualBoot driver for up to 4TB, and ReFS support for Windows Server 2019.
  • If you are planning a migration from SPX to ShadowXafe, you can now have both SPX and ShadowXafe agents installed at the same time to run alternatively or toggled between the two while still performing backups.
  • Before performing a backup, ShadowProtect SPX will scan the destination to ensure the existing backups are there and continuously consolidating, in addition to the check Image Manager performs for reliability.
  • You can also perform advanced verification checks of images without virtualising them, for that added peace of mind especially after consolidation runs.
  • From the image chain browser, you can now pick a point in time and collapse it into a single image for archiving without starting a new chain. It’s perfect for those who need to close off their backups along with their accounts for the financial year.
  • Also within the image chain browser, you view the chain’s shortest path and remove images that aren’t in the shortest path to free up space.
  • You can now quickly and easily upgrade older versions of SPX to version 7 through a push command in ShadowControl.

The SPX 7 upgrade is available to those with perpetual licenses and current maintenance, or MSP partners. If your maintenance has lapsed, StorageCraft are currently running a SPX upgrade promotion to renew your maintenance.

Contact us today if you’d like a quote on renewing your maintenance. Alternatively, find out about becoming a MSP partner. You’ll stop worrying about maintenance and take advantage of monthly billing!

For more information on SPX 7 and the supported upgrade paths, have a look here.