With a production budget of $20 million Steven Spielberg created a movie masterpiece that grossed $300 million worldwide on release. Close Encounters followed the story of a man who has a life changing experience due to an encounter with an UFO. Without spoiling too much, the movie concludes with a successful communication with its mothership via a series of lights and sounds. The interesting thing around this premise is the communication aspect of the encounter and how it wouldn’t have turned out as well without a way for the parties to talk to each other. What would have happened if they weren’t successful?


This theme of encounter and communication can pertain to an end user’s website as well. The idea of having a website that a customer can visit is to educate and entice to purchase a service or product. Stats have shown that the average visitor will stay on a website for roughly 15 seconds and most websites have a 20 – 40% bounce rate. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as its design and the amount of clicks to reach content. Interestingly enough 3CX has a plugin for websites that can help remedy this.




3CX’s Live Chat & Talk is a WordPress plugin that is free to use with a 3CX phone system and integrates with websites. It can be used to capture visitors’ attention, help guide them to a product they are looking for or answer any burning questions they may have. This in turn helps convert visitors. Assistance can be given in real time and chats can be escalated into phone or video calls, all for free with your 3CX PBX. This also has the added benefit of potentially replacing an 0800 number. This saves an organisation costs, and the visitor having to dial the number.


The plugin is compatible with 3CX v16 update 2 and is a simple service pack update with minimal downtime for customers with an active subscription or maintenance. Do your customers have live chat on their websites? For more information please feel free to reach out to our VoIP team and don’t forget we have professional services and knowledge sharing sessions available to learn more!