Tired of spending time learning about the in-depth intricacies of UTM appliance setup? Tired of spending money on service fees to vendors to guide you through the setup process? Kerio Control differentiates itself from all other UTM brands in it’s simple and intuitive setup.


Kerio Control Webinar


We have organised a webinar around Kerio Control for our IT reseller network here in New Zealand. Kerio will explain exactly how easy it really is to setup Kerio Control, whether you’re implementing it as a virtual appliance to an existing VMware or Hyper-V environment, as an ISO onto your own hardware or as a ready-to-use Kerio Control Box hardware appliance (desktop or rackmount).


Register now for our Kerio Control Technical Webinar which kicks off at 2pm on Tuesday the 5th of August. See you there!


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