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  • NZ 3CX Intermediate Technical Certification training
  • Coming in June – our “bite sized” webinars
  • The new 3CX iOS app is here
  • Grandstream WiFi portable phones
  • Our most recent webinars
  • Latest tips and tricks
  • Case studies – local stories to share?
  • Marketing materials
  • Firmware for IP phones
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NZ 3CX Intermediate Technical Certification training


We are running online 3CX technical training on Thursday 25th June. This will cover the Intermediate Certification and will start at 9.30am. This session will be interactive and run by our own Matt Carey (Senior Engineer). Questions will be encouraged throughout the training as each topic is covered. To register, please visit this link. It is a pre-requisite that those attending already hold their Basic Certification – this can be completed online. Matt’s recordings of these sessions are available in this playlist – there is a series of short videos covering each module.


Coming in June – our “bite sized” webinars


In June we continue with our “bite sized” VoIP webinar series. This month’s webinars are now available to register for:


DateTimeWebinar TopicRegistration
23rd June12pmGrandstream GSC SIP speaker usage scenariosClick here
30th June12pmDevice custom templates with 3CXClick here


The new 3CX iOS app is here


We’ve teased the new iOS app for some time now. For the first time the app brings 3CX video to your mobile device. Another key enhancement is the app switches automatically to the best available WiFi or 3G/4G connection – no need to redial as you move outside your WiFi’s network range. For the full release news click here. Remember your 3CX needs to be on the latest update 5 release, for the app to work. If you’re not on the latest update and the app auto-updates you will have two options. Option one, update your PBX to the latest update and then the new app will work with all of the new features. The second interim option would be a hard forward to mobile. If you need any assistance contact


Grandstream WiFi portable phones


We recently held a launch webinar for the new WP810 WiFi portable phone. This is now in stock and already proving to be very popular. Portable WiFi handsets work with an existing WiFi infrastructure and move between access points. This makes them perfect for people who move around their site a lot or just want that flexibility. We’ve seen success in a number of verticals already – schools, warehouses and more. The features and price point fit well for the NZ market. If you aren’t sure whether the WP810 or the WP820 are right for your customer, reach out to and we can assist. Do you need the Bluetooth that’s in the WP820 to connect a headset? Does your client actually need a combination of both handset models or do they need extra access points around their site? We have demo units for each handset, that you can borrow for a proof of concept.


Part NumberDescriptionNZ RRP excl GSTImage
378120WP810 Portable WiFi Phone$235.05Click here
367641WP820 Portable WiFi Phone$352.56Click here


We also have an optional warranty extension available for both units. Don’t forget we have 5+, 25+ and 256+ price breaks on these and our full Grandstream range.


Our most recent webinars


Each month we host our “bite sized” webinars and store the recordings on our Soft Solutions YouTube Channel for easy access. Check out last month’s 3CX webinar below:


DateWebinar TopicYouTube link
26th May3CX – The Simultaneous CallClick here


Latest tips and tricks


We add updates to our blog regularly – this has become a great resource for our VoIP partners. It explores key features and common sales /and technical queries around 3CX and Grandstream. You can also subscribe here:


  • 3CX and the art of the Simultaneous Call – one of the most common queries we have around 3CX is to calculate the number of Simultaneous Calls you’ll need. Because 3CX is licensed in a different way, it can catch people out. In this blog Matt takes a look at some key things to consider when sizing an opportunity. Read more here.
  • How to optimise WiFi deployments – a query that comes up frequently is around how to scope a WiFi deployment successfully. This blog takes a look at considerations and what SofSol has in the access point space from Grandstream and WatchGuard. Read more here.


Case studies – local stories to share?


With the Covid-19 situation evolving so quickly, 3CX really shone through. It made it easy for people to work from home. Do you have a relatable success story to share? We have a simple questionnaire you can work through with your customer – 3CX’s marketing team does the rest. From a reseller’s perspective, there’s nothing better to get a sale across the line than a local, relatable case study. It’s a great opportunity to touch base with customers and ensure everything’s working as it should. If you have a customer that might participate, contact our VoIP Brand Manager, Megan Twentyman. We’ll make the process painless.


Marketing materials


A number of partners took up the option to have datasheets customised with their logo. This is a service that Soft Solutions offer. We even share presentations that you can adapt for your potential customers. If this is of interest, reach out to Megan Twentyman for further assistance.


Firmware for IP phones


Remember it’s vital to keep checking for updated firmware, for your VoIP hardware. Grandstream and Yealink release new firmware as it’s developed. The firmware is available free of charge from their respective websites. If you’re ever trouble-shooting any issue with 3CX, the first thing they will check is whether your hardware has the most up-to-date version. Now is a great time to ensure everything is up-to-date and working optimally.


Join our LinkedIn VoIP community


Our “Soft Solutions NZ VoIP Community” group has been created for customers to discuss VoIP related topics. Keep up to date with upcoming Soft Solutions events, VoIP updates and any other general VoIP news. Join the LinkedIn group here.


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