In this update:

  • Critical update – hotfix for v16 Update 4 and Update 5 Alpha
  • Time to upskill with 3CX – online training
  • Version 15.5 End Of Life from 1st July 2020
Critical update – hotfix for v16 Update 4 and Update 5 Alpha


In response to the upcoming release of Chrome and Microsoft’s New Edge browser version 81 releases scheduled for some time this week, 3CX have released a hotfix update for v16 Update 4 as well as Update 5 Alpha. The hotfix is required to be installed on all v16 PBX versions to maintain WebRTC compliance. This hotfix applies only to call functionality via the 3CX Web Client, Browser Extension and 3CX Live Chat & Talk Plugin with audio/video capability enabled. It does not affect 3CX WebMeeting. Install this hotfix before your browser updates to Chrome (version 81) to ensure you are able to make and receive calls via your Web Client or Browser Extension.


How to upgrade: Click on “Updates” in the Management Console’s Dashboard, select “v16 Update 4 Hotfix” / “Update 5 A3” and click on “Download Selected” to install this update on your PBX. Alternatively, you can get v16 Update 4A / Update 5A3 for Windows or Linux:



View the change log for this version and give us your feedback via the community forum. Please remember that update 5 is an Alpha release and not recommended for production sites.


Time to upskill with 3CX – online training


We will be conducting a 3CX Intermediate technical training session this month. We felt it wasn’t prudent to gather people into a common space with the current health crisis and therefore have moved the March Intermediate Training to an online event. This training session will enable partners to:


  • Handle larger and more complex installs
  • Deploy more profitable installs
  • Gain greater customer confidence
  • Earn more from service revenue
  • Boost profits with the knowledge and skills to deploy and maintain 3CX Phone System installations
  • The 3CX Academy Certification Exam can be taken via your Partner Portal and it is expected that at the end of the day the Certification Exam will be taken


It is a requirement that all attendees hold the Basic Certification before attending the training sessions. If you don’t yet hold your Basic Certification, head to 3CX’s Academy Training section on their website here and get started today. The expectation is that exams will be sat at the end of the session. Don’t worry, exams are open book. The Intermediate technical training online session will be held on Thursday 26th March, from 9:30am to 12:30pm. To secure your spot, click here to register.


Version 15.5 End Of Life from 1st July 2020


As of 1st July 2020, 3CX version 15.5 will be EOL (end of life). We strongly recommend that you upgrade your customers to version 16 update 4 to ensure no disruption or loss of functionality to your clients. Update 5 for version 16 is planned for April 2020 and is currently in Alpha. EOL means that 3CX will no longer offer support for v15.5 and there will be no further product updates, firmware updates or technical support available. Why this change now? There are 3 key technical changes globally that are driving this decision to ensure that customers upgrade which are:


  1. Updated Apple Push – Apple Inc. is changing the way its APIs deliver push messages to iOS devices, which 3CX uses to notify users of incoming calls and chats. The updated Apple API will only be supported on V16, Update 5 and above. Important: Due to the network protocol requirement of this service being HTTP/2, v16, Update 5 has a new line-up of supported operating systems. You need to ensure that ALL of your customers are on a supported operating system. Fortunately, 3CX backups are interchangeable, so you can migrate your PBX to a new OS seamlessly.
  2. New 3CX iOS App – The new 3CX iOS app uses 3CX APIs which are not available in any previous 3CX versions. The new app is currently available in Beta with the full release expected towards the beginning of May. Join our iOS Beta program to test future updates.
  3. 911 Compliance – Customers in North America will also benefit from our new 911 module, which ensures your clients’ PBXs are compliant with the new e911 regulations.


3CX have e-mailed all partners regarding this – if you have any questions or need assistance to migrate your customers please reach out to our VoIP team.


Thank you for reading these important updates.


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