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  • 3CX version 16
  • 3CX Quick Reference Guide
  • 3CX road map – Update 1 preview
  • 3CX technical training
  • Grandstream – new DECT technology
  • Got 3CX customers on 16-SC Standard free 1-year trials, expiring soon?
  • WiFi Voice – ready for the real world?
  • How to practise better VoIP security
  • Soft Solutions blog reference articles
  • Case Studies – local stories to share?
  • Soft Solutions Weekly Bulletin
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3CX version 16


At 4am on the 28th of March, we watched along with the world as the official launch of 3CX version 16 took place. We’re sure you’re all aware of the great new features launched in v16. 3CX set out to improve the customer experience and boost employee productivity. The new features ensure this goal is met. Our Blog Post walks you through the key changes. This also covers changes to; licensing, pricing, trials and the Standard edition.


The WebClient embraces seamless Office 365 integration and enhanced CRM integration available in the Professional and Enterprise editions of 3CX v16.


Live Chat & Talk has had an offline mode added to its feature set, meaning even when your website is offline customers can contact you. New functionality to archive chats is coming in a future update.


Upgrading to v16 is seamless – Linux installs have an inline upgrade option, while Windows installs require the standard backup, install and restore procedure. We upgraded our inhouse 3CX system, and it took just half an hour to be back up and running.


3CX Quick Reference Guide


3CX have released a Quick Reference Guide to help your customers get up-to-speed quickly with their 3CX PBX. An online version is available here or download a print ready version here. This is a useful tool to print out and leave with your customers for easy reference at the completion of their deployment. Also leave the online link with the key contacts within the organisation. The guide covers the basics such as: making, receiving and transferring calls; status management; setting up voicemail; creating a web meeting; and more.


3CX road map – Update 1 preview


Update 1 is already in preview and expected to be released very soon. The key focus of Update 1 is the Call Flow Designer (CFD) functionality. The new CFD enables you to create and maintain powerful customised call flows. It provides a clear migration path for your existing projects, along with new components and updated functionality. Read more on the 3CX website here.


3CX technical training


A key focus for 2019 is Intermediate and Advanced 3CX technical training sessions. Our goal is to ensure all 3CX partners have the opportunity to attend a course around New Zealand. Soft Solutions’ Senior Engineer, Matt Carey, will be delivering these technical training sessions. During May we have events in Invercargill and Auckland. We will announce the next locations later this quarter. You can book now for our Invercargill events:


EventLocationDateBooking Link
Intermediate Technical TrainingInvercargillTuesday 14th May 2019Book here
Advanced Technical TrainingInvercargillWednesday 15th May 2019Book here
Intermediate Technical TrainingAucklandTuesday 28th May 2019Opens soon
Advanced Technical TrainingAucklandWednesday 29th May 2019Opens soon


Save the date for the Auckland events. Booking links will open soon and you will be advised via our Weekly newsletter.


To be able to register for the training events, you must hold the 3CX Basic certification – visit this link to start the training course now.


Grandstream – new DECT technology


The first wave of the refreshed DECT portable IP phones have arrived. We now have the new DP752 Base Station and the DP730 Handset available. The DP722 Handset will be available later this quarter. You can pair up to 5 handsets with 1 base station and the handsets boast clear LCD colour screens. Our own testing and customer feedback around these units have been extremely positive – with great voice quality while team members are mobile.


Got 3CX customers on 16-SC Standard free 1-year trials, expiring soon?


Our team work hard to ensure you have notifications of upcoming 3CX renewals well in advance. However, do you recall any of your customers taking advantage of the free Standard 16-SC license during 2018? We won’t have a record of this direct download from 3CX, nor the expiry date. At the conclusion of their 12 months, if they have version 15.5 installed their license will drop to a Standard 4-SC license. If they have version 16 installed their license will drop to a Standard 8-SC license. Remember features such as call queues, call recording and more were removed from the Standard edition in version 16. It’s a great time to reach out to your customers and ensure that 3CX is meeting all of their requirements. It’s time to get them on the best license for their needs!


To request a quote for any free or paid 3CX license, please contact our sales team with the end customer name and license key. Please ensure you advise the edition and simultaneous call count you need for your customer.


WiFi Voice – ready for the real world?


When Soft Solutions first added VoIP to our portfolio, we found a WiFi portable phone from South Korea and thought it would be a perfect addition to the portfolio. But no, the nature of WiFi networks back then meant you could not “roam” between wireless access points and the voice quality was extremely variable. Move forward a few years, and with the addition of QoS and voice-friendly wireless access points, today’s desk and portable WiFi handsets are delivering what customers need. Grandstream have put together some material to help your team get to grips with this. Click here for more. Just this week, Grandstream’s WP820 Portable WiFi phone won a 2019 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award – read the press release here.


How to practise better VoIP security


A core consideration for customers when choosing their IP PBX is the built in security. Our latest Blog post takes a look at the improved security in v16 of 3CX. Security is a core component of 3CX’s IP PBX and an issue they address in every minor or major release. Read more here.


Soft Solutions blog reference articles


During the first quarter of the year, we’ve been busy creating blog reference articles that you will find useful. You may have already linked to them via our Weekly Bulletin newsletter. The key information on each blog article for your reference:


Blog Article TitleOverviewDirect Link
VoIP TroubleshootingHow to capture traffic and why it’s so important when troubleshooting 3CX or IP PhonesReview here
3CX launches v16 of their IP PBXThe key wrap up of all the new features, changes to editions, pricing, trial licenses and moreReview here
Deploying the modern office with Grandstream solutionsAn overview of how Grandstream solutions fit in modern office spacesReview here
Soft Solutions chargeable professional servicesWhat can Soft Solutions assist you with?Review here
Here’s why it’s so important to have current 3CX MaintenanceKey points to share with your clients on why they need to keep their maintenance currentReview here
How to practise better VoIP securityTakes a look at the improved security in v16 of 3CXReview here


Case Studies – local stories to share?


There is nothing better to assist in getting a sale across the line, than a local case study that is relatable to your client. We are looking for NZ success stories to share. If you have a customer you think would be willing to participate, please get in touch with our VoIP Brand Manager, Megan Twentyman. We’ll make the process as painless as possible. We want success stories around 3CX, Grandstream, or even both working together.


Soft Solutions Weekly Bulletin


Are you receiving our Weekly Bulletin each Thursday? This is where events such as webinars, in person catch ups, technical trainings are notified first. If you’re not on the list, contact our team to be added so you don’t miss out on the latest news each week.


Join our Soft Solutions NZ VoIP Community group on LinkedIn


Our “Soft Solutions NZ VoIP Community” LinkedIn group has been created for customers to discuss VoIP related topics. Keep up to date with upcoming Soft Solutions events, VoIP updates and any other general VoIP news by joining the group here.


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