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  • Reflections from lockdown
  • Missing your office during quarantine?
  • Grandstream WP810 WiFi Portable – launch webinar
  • 3CX Simultaneous Call counts
  • 3CX road map
  • 3CX version 16 update 5 Beta
  • Our most recent webinars
  • 3CX Partner Programme – quick reminders
  • Latest tips and tricks
  • Case studies – local stories to share?
  • Marketing materials
  • Firmware for IP phones
  • Join our LinkedIn VoIP community
Reflections from lockdown


If you asked me at the end of 2019 if I could foresee NZ in complete lockdown – I would have laughed. As we now all know, this is our new normal and no laughing matter. As lockdown became reality, I took time to reflect. We are such a lucky generation with our ability to communicate with colleagues, friends and family. We live in a time where global video calling is normal, and instant messaging a part of daily life. (I have two teenagers who live on Instagram, TikTok and more).


As VoIP Brand Manager, this major shift in the world has reinforced the importance of an agile workforce. A big part of this, is having the right tools such as 3CX which enable this adaptability. Being able to keep your same number, make / receive calls and be part of a seamless call queue is more vital than ever. Our team are still working hard to assist you in navigating these unusual times – reach out if we can assist. Please take advantage of the online learning tools and webinars to keep abreast of the latest news. Take care, stay in your bubble and remain safe. Megan.


Missing your office during quarantine?


In this blog, 3CX’s marketing team takes a look at remote work set ups during quarantine. They look at how to set up your space, so you can stay focused and efficient while working in a very different world (OK, your kitchen!). Grab a coffee and have a read here – you might want to alter your home workspace after.


Grandstream WP810 WiFi Portable – launch webinar


Grandstream has extended its Portable WiFi range by adding the WP810 alongside the existing WP820. We are holding a launch webinar with Grandstream on Thursday 16th April at 12pm. This webinar will cover an overview of the new solution, key features, integrations and a comparison to DECT. First stock is expected in NZ during May. Register yourself today here.


3CX Simultaneous Call counts


Many customers and partners have encountered much larger call requirements during this Covid-19 crisis. Be this for internal calling, external calling and more. Remember that WebMeeting is based on WebRTC technology and it does not utilise a Simultaneous Call (SC)., It’s a good time to remind customers of this feature.


Upgrading the SC count of licenses is a relatively simple process for 3CX. Each upgrade does require an individual quote, as the pricing is pro-rated to keep the original license’s expiry date. This is regardless of whether the license is a perpetual or annual subscription. Our sales team can assist. Once you place your order and our team process a simple refresh of the license key and the increase is active.


3CX road map


The 3CX team may be working remotely, but that doesn’t mean anything’s slowing down on the development front. Nick Galea, CTO and 3CX’s Founder looks into the future and what they’re working on or considering. He’s looking as far ahead as 3CX Update 8 for version 16. Have a read and get excited for what’s to come here.


3CX version 16 update 5 Beta


3CX Update 5 for version 16 has reached Beta. It’s now due for go live by the end of April. The most significant change in update 5 is that the iOS app embraces Apple’s new PUSH technology (the iOS app itself is also in Beta). The Beta requires Windows to be on at least Server 2016, Desktop to be on Windows 10 and Debian to be on version 9. You can read the latest here. Please remember that Beta updates are not recommended for production systems, but great to test on internal test systems.


Our most recent webinars


Each month, Megan Twentyman (VoIP Brand Manager) and Matt Carey (Senior Engineer) run a couple of short “sound bite” webinars on key VoIP topics. They send personal invites to VoIP partners to attend, and also record each session. Check out our latest webinars below. Also subscribe to our Soft Solutions YouTube channel. During March, we looked at Grandstream’s WiFi Access Point range and 3CX WebMeeting.


DateWebinar TopicYouTube link
3rd MarchGrandstream WiFi APClick here
31st MarchWorking remotely with 3CX WebMeetingClick here


3CX Partner Programme – quick reminders


Being in lockdown may present opportunities to undertake further training. The 3CX Academy covers Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Technical certifications. They’re available here. Each certification is broken down into bite sized videos and webinars. Certifications are a key part of the Partner Programme and having them assists you to move up the partner levels. Remember partner revenue plus certifications, enable higher partner levels and a larger discount received.


Some key items to keep in mind:


  • Ensure that all of your clients’ 3CX management consoles are associated with your Partner ID.
  • Ensure all trials are created either using your unique link found in your Partner Portal or create the trial for your customer from within your Partner Portal.
  • If you take over a client from another 3CX partner, ensure you update the management console to be linked to your partner ID.


These are simple ways to ensure that all revenue is attributed to you. Key dates to remember are 30th June and 31st December, when partner statuses are reviewed by 3CX.


Latest tips and tricks


Our latest blogs are live now. If you haven’t already, you can subscribe to our blog here:


  • Top tips when manually upgrading phones’ firmware – we take a look at the process of upgrading firmware on VoIP phones and why that often fixes annoying glitches. Read more here.
  • How to best enable remote workers to stay productive – this blog takes a look at being in a situation with remote workers and 3CX and how you can seamlessly continue communications. Read more here.
  • Video or audio conferencing – no problem with 3CX’s WebMeeting – an overview of WebMeeting with a link to the Guide which is a great resource. Read more here.


Case studies – local stories to share?


2020 is the year to get NZ case studies on 3CX’s website. We have a simple questionnaire you can work through with your customer – 3CX’s marketing team does the rest. From a reseller’s perspective, there’s nothing better to get a sale across the line than a local, relatable case study. It’s a great opportunity to touch base with your customers and ensure everything’s working as it should. Also see if they’d be willing to complete the questionnaire. If you have a customer that may participate, contact our VoIP Brand Manager, Megan Twentyman. We’ll make the process painless.


Marketing materials


A number of partners took up the option to have datasheets customised with their logo. This is a service that Soft Solutions offer. We even share presentations that you can adapt for your potential customers. If this is of interest, reach out to Megan Twentyman for further assistance.


Firmware for IP phones


Remember it’s vital to keep checking for updated firmware, for your VoIP hardware. Grandstream and Yealink release new firmware as it’s developed. The firmware is available free of charge from their respective websites. If you’re ever trouble-shooting any issue with 3CX, the first thing they will check is whether your hardware has the most up-to-date version. The beginning of the year is a great time to ensure everything is up-to-date and working optimally.


Join our LinkedIn VoIP community


Our “Soft Solutions NZ VoIP Community” group has been created for customers to discuss VoIP related topics. Keep up to date with upcoming Soft Solutions events, VoIP updates and any other general VoIP news. Join the LinkedIn group here.


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