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  • 3CX 15.5 – Service Pack 5 Goes Live
  • Why 3CX took NZ by Storm
  • VoIP Updates – June 2018 Recap
  • 3CX SIP Providers in NZ Increases by Two
  • Grandstream Takes out Another Industry Award
  • Reminder to Join our Soft Solutions NZ VoIP Community Group on LinkedIn
3CX 15.5 – Service Pack 5 Goes Live

3CX announced during the last month that Service Pack 5 for their version 15.5 software is now live. The key message from 3CX is around giving greater control to administrators. We covered off around the BETA some of the key new features including the ability to replace a license key which is a big time saver and allows customers to upgrade from a trial to a commercially licensed version by replacing the license key; a new trunk/DID report to allow you to quickly see the number of inbound calls to a trunk and to DIDs associated with it; the ability to generate a report on multiple queues and merge the data to a single report; call recording features have been greatly improved; improved server side CRM integration. There are many more enhancements and you can read the vast list on the 3CX blog here.

Why 3CX took NZ by Storm

Soft Solutions were the first to sell 3CX to New Zealand resellers back in 2011 and we have been supporting our customers ever since. Soft Solutions has continually worked closely with the team at 3CX to make sure our customers get the best sales & technical support possible. It is now great to see that newcomers in the New Zealand VoIP market are choosing to target 3CX as the leading PBX system established in New Zealand. Read more on 3CX and what we & they do here in New Zealand.

VoIP Updates – June 2018 Recap

A quick recap: During June we hosted 4 fully attended VoIP Update events around the country to keep partners informed on all things 3CX and Grandstream – we kicked off the month with an Executive Breakfast event in Whangarei with DJ & Matt hosting, later in the month Paul and Matt were down in the South with luncheon events in Invercargill and Queenstown. We finished off the month with a mid-afternoon canapes session in Hamilton with Megan & DJ. We’re now finalizing our next events around the country and will have more information in our Weekly Newsletters very soon. We will provide another recap once these events are done.

3CX SIP Providers in NZ Increases by Two

3CX has completed testing and certification and have this month added both 2Talk and Lightwire Business to the list of Supported SIP Providers in NZ which brings the total to 4 Supported organisations in NZ. With no manual configuration required you can just plug and play your PBX with a SIP Trunk of your choice. Both parties are committed to providing end-to-end support to New Zealander customers who choose to use the combination of 3CX with a preferred SIP Trunk.

Grandstream Takes out Another Industry Award

In mid-June, Grandstream was able to announce that the GXP1760W was selected as the Best VoIP Device at the 2018 ITSPA Awards (The Internet Telephony Services Providers’ Association). The GXP1760W, Grandstream’s Mid-Range WiFi-enabled desktop IP phone, won the award over devices from other market leaders. The ITSPA Awards celebrate innovation and best practices across the next generation of the communications industry. Congratulations to Team Grandstream.

Reminder to Join our Soft Solutions NZ VoIP Community Group on LinkedIn

Our new “Soft Solutions NZ VoIP Community” LinkedIn group has been created for customers to discuss VoIP related topics and keep up to date with upcoming Soft Solutions events, VoIP updates and any other general VoIP news. Join the group here.

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