In this update:
  • Planning ahead
  • Webinar – 3CX version 18 overview
  • 3CX version 18 – update 1
  • Hotfix for 3CX version 16 and 18
  • New Chrome and Edge browser extensions – 3CX beta
  • iOS and Android app beta releases
  • 3CX blogs – supporting version 18’s release, new additions
  • Need demo equipment?
  • Grandstream ex-demo and EOL clearance
  • Submit a great 3CX case study. Get pizzas for your team!
  • Marketing materials
  • Firmware for IP phones
  • Join our LinkedIn VoIP community
Planning ahead

As an essential service, Soft Solutions is operating as normally as possible despite Auckland entering week 11 of lockdown. Courier services still have restrictions within Auckland and delays for items heading out to the rest of the country. With the end of the year looming, it’s important to plan ahead for any physical stock you may require this side of the holiday break. We have reasonably good stocks of hardware and more on the way but for larger deals, do let us know so we can accurately manage expectations. Soft Solutions will be closed from 5pm Friday 24th December and re-open on Monday 10th January. If you have opportunities to discuss, don’t hesitate to reach out to Megan Twentyman our VoIP Brand Manager.

Webinar – 3CX version 18 overview

Join Megan Twentyman, Brand Manager, on Thursday 28th October at 11.30am for a bite size webinar around 3CX v18. The purpose of the webinar is to highlight the new features in v18 and empower partners on where to find the latest information and guides. The session will wrap with a Q&A session. Please register here and we look forward to your attendance.

3CX version 18 – update 1

Update 1 for 3CX v18 is now available. This brings significant features to customers, including the Windows installer which has been much anticipated. There are improvements to MS Teams integration, to embed both technologies tighter. Another exciting new feature is full compatibility with Yealink’s WH6X range of headsets. Being able to fully attend calls on these professional headsets, once update 1 is installed, is a great break through. If you’d like to know more about Yealink’s WH6X range of DECT wireless headsets, download the brochure here or reach out via

update 1


Hotfix for 3CX version 16 and 18

In early October, there was a hotfix for both v16 and v18 of 3CX that related to Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. See the full blog here. If you missed this update or announcement, subscribe to our LinkedIn VoIP Community Group where we post such information as it happens. Join the LinkedIn group here.

New Chrome and Edge browser extensions – 3CX beta

The beta browser extensions for Chrome and Edge bring the very popular Click2Call feature back in to 3CX v18 update 1. Being able to click a number from any website or your integrated CRM, increases efficiencies for team members. You can check out the beta information here.

iOS and Android app beta releases

Both mobile apps have new betas available for testing. The iOS app now has options to handle numbers in chat messages, supports image compression and makes integrated features such as Facebook Messenger easier. See the full information here. The Android app features improved image compression for sending photos. A key thing to note is that Android 7.1 (or below) is no longer supported. Check out the full information here. If you want to test out the betas, on iOS join TestFlight and visit the blog’s link from your iPhone. For Android, follow the link to the Google Play Store.

3CX blogs – supporting version 18’s release, new additions

With a new version of 3CX, comes a lot more information to learn and digest. We’ve shared a lot of details via our August / September newsletters, and also in our LinkedIn community group. Below are some recent blog articles, to stay up to date on new enhancements. With a new version, things move rapidly. It’s important to be across what’s happening to keep your customers well informed.

  • 3CX Deployment Wizard replaces PBXexpress – the 3CX Customer Portal has had an overhaul. As part of this, the PBXexpress for deploying in the cloud has also had a face lift. It’s now known as the Deployment Wizard. Check out the blog here. You will also see that there is a beta of changes coming to the Partner Portal.
  • Linux upgrade troubleshooting tips – 92% of all Linux upgrades go as expected. In the odd occurrence, things can still go wrong. This blog looks at the most common causes and fixes, so you are prepared ahead of the upgrade. Remember when upgrading a Linux install to v18, you’re also updating to Debian 10. The full blog guide is here.
  • 3CX Video Conference improvements in v18 update 1 – better privacy and performance are the key changes to the Video Conferencing feature. For full details visit here.
  • Update 1 Windows Desktop App hotkey shortcuts – during the development of update 1 for 3CX v18, they introduced Hotkeys for the Windows Desktop App. It is worth reviewing the blog here to see the functionality and understand how that can make team members more efficient.
  • MS Teams configuration guides updated – in late September the guides were updated making it easier to follow and simpler to integrate. Check out the blog here which links to all the relevant documentation.
  • Live Chat now with instant calling – Live Chat got an overhaul with the ability to allow website visitors to start a live call directly from your site. Check out the configuration information linked on this blog.
  • Video review of Live Chat, Facebook and SMS Integration – IT expert NetworkChuck reviews these tools that he’s implemented on his website. Watch his video here.
  • 3CX Video Conferencing review – Chris Titus, Tech YouTuber, gives his impression of 3CX v18’s improved video conferencing features. Watch his video here.
Need demo equipment?

Just a reminder that we operate quite an extensive range of Grandstream and Yealink demo equipment that you can borrow to put it through its paces or for a client event to showcase. If you have a requirement, please reach out to and she’ll be happy to assist.

Grandstream ex-demo and EOL clearance

We have ex-demo and EOL units available to purchase at a reduced cost or give away. All units are checked by our team and factory re-set. Boxes are intact but open. Soft Solutions will honour a 3-month warranty from date of purchase of ex-demo units. We are also clearing our GXP17XX series inventory as it starts to go EOL and these have the standard 12 month warranty from date of sale. These are excellent units, including a desktop WiFi option. At present we have the following available:

  • Ex-demo units – sold at under half of the normal reseller purchase price:
    • 1 x GWN7000 Multi-WAN Gigabit VPN Router – make us an offer
    • 1 x GXP1625 HD IP Phone 2-line PoE – make us an offer
    • 1 x GXP1760 HD IP Phone 6-line PoE – make us an offer
    • 1 x GXP1760W HD IP Phone 6-line PoE WiFi – make us an offer
    • 1 x GXP2135 HD IP Phone 2.8″ Colour Screen 8-line PoE – make us an offer
  • Clearance units going EOL, reseller purchase further reduced. Contact for a special price:
    • 5 x GXP1760 HD IP Phone 6-line PoE
    • 7 X GXP1760W HD IP Phone 6-line PoE WiFi
    • 18 x GXP1782 HD IP Phone 8-line Gigabit PoE

Please contact if you are interested in purchasing any of these units while they are available. This could be a great way to equip a charity or non-profit with limited funds, with new VoIP hardware.

Submit a great 3CX case study. Get pizzas for your team!

Would you like a lunch shout on Soft Solutions? Just propose a case study for consideration. If 3CX accepts, we’ll arrange a treat for your team. There is nothing better than a local and relatable case study to help get a sale across the line. Share your success stories and reward your team. We have a simple questionnaire you can work through with your customer – 3CX’s marketing team does the rest. It’s also a great opportunity to touch base with customers and ensure everything’s working as it should. If you have a customer that might participate, contact our VoIP Brand Manager, Megan Twentyman. We’ll make the process painless and treat your team!

Marketing materials

Several partners took up the option to have 3CX datasheets customised with their logo. This is a service that Soft Solutions offer. We are now waiting for version 18 to be released and what new marketing materials are offered by 3CX at this time. At present the 3CX website has the most up-to-date information available. If you need help to find anything on the website please reach out to Megan Twentyman for further assistance.

Firmware for IP phones

Remember it is vital to keep checking for updated firmware, for your VoIP hardware. Grandstream and Yealink release new firmware as it is developed. The firmware is available free of charge from their respective websites. If you are ever trouble-shooting any issue with 3CX, the first thing they will check is whether your hardware has the most up-to-date version. Now is a great time to ensure everything is up-to-date and working optimally.

Join our LinkedIn VoIP community

Our “Soft Solutions NZ VoIP Community” group has been created for customers to discuss VoIP related topics. Keep up to date with upcoming Soft Solutions events, VoIP updates and any other general VoIP news. Join the LinkedIn group here.

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