3CX WebMeeting


Collaborating when working remotely can often prove a challenge for organisations. It is extremely important for remote workers to communicate easily and freely, as if they were sitting next to each other. As well as using 3CX WebMeeting internally, we are seeing many resellers using its proven technology to create virtual offices. WebMeeting sessions can bring staff together with audio and video capabilities. It’s an excellent technology for running sessions with external customers as well. The technology itself is WebRTC based and works well with an internet browser such as Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.  It’s a great way to “check in” with colleagues and see a face rather than just a phone call.

WebMeeting is easily set up from either the 3CX softphone or WebClient, with just a couple of clicks and no additional plugin. It can share PDFs, be used to host interactive whiteboard sessions, run polls, as well as remote control capabilities. Sessions can also be recorded for future use.

Most excitingly of all, it requires no additional licensing and is included with every license. The number of participants is solely based on the 3CX edition in use and does not impact your simultaneous call count. The participants are set as – Standard 25, Professional 100 and Enterprise 250. Existing customers are already all set up to go!  They can use this with their PBX without the need for a third-party application and invite others via an e-mail. They don’t even need to have 3CX.   There is an excellent guide available from 3CX online which covers all the ins and outs.  Now is the time to remind your existing customers that this technology is available to them with their license.  A quick check-in e-mail, along with a link to the online guide is sure to be appreciated by them.  If you need any assistance in using the technology yourself, or help to message your customers drop us a line!