Are your customers looking for a Unified Communications (UC) solution that will allow the users to go mobile but at the same time stay connected to peers, either replace or complement the existing hard phones and can work with any type of PABX without fuss? Then make sure to keep reading! Have you heard of Bria?


CounterPath is world’s largest independent softphone development company, established in 2002, having 25 patents to their name and 20 million+ client activations worldwide, they are definitely the market leader by far. Bria Stretto is CounterPath’s off the shelf softphone solution, which is an industry favourite providing an easy to deploy cloud-managed UC solution. It is purpose build for large scale enterprises and the resellers serving small, medium and large businesses and is easily scalable from as low as 1 user to thousands of users. Highly secure and flexible, Bria Stretto solutions combine Bria softphone applications for desktop and mobile with CounterPath’s cloud-hosted Stretto Platform™ for provisioning, management and reporting. This enables IT administrators and resellers alike to offer a seamless and unified over-the-top (OTT) communications experience across both fixed and mobile networks.


Great news is that along with the Annual Subscription, now you can offer the Bria Stretto licenses on Monthly Pay as You Go too! The subscription model aligns with the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which includes the software licences, access to support services and new versions of the software as they are released. Monthly Pay as You Go is highly beneficial for the resellers already charging their clients for VoIP services on a monthly per user basis, this will allow them to add Bria Stretto as an add-on service and adding a new revenue stream whilst adding value.


Bria Stretto includes features such as:


  • HD Voice
  • Instant Messaging
  • Corporate Roster
  • Screen sharing
  • Collaboration
  • HD Video (up to 1080p)
  • Presence
  • Single Sign On
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • Salesforce integration


The Bria Stretto solution is available under a per device or per user models:


  • Per Desktop: Licensed per physical device for the Windows and/or Mac platforms only, with Centralised Stretto Provisioning
  • Per Mobile: Licensed per physical device for Android and iOS platforms only, with Centralised Stretto Provisioning
  • Basic Bundle: Entitles each user to run CounterPath’s Bria Stretto softphones on up to 4 active devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS), with Centralised Stretto Provisioning
  • Business Bundle: (Recommended) Up to 4 active devices (same as Basic Bundle). In addition to Centralized Provisioning, includes a corporate roster with Instant Messaging & Presence, Screen Sharing (up to 100 participants, with no downloads required) and advanced Administrative tools Administrative tools include User Experience Metrics (UEM) and Help Desk Assistant. UEM provides the admin with detailed analytics info, including stats on call quality, feature usage and device type. Help Desk Assistant (mobiles) enables IT team to remotely troubleshoot the user’s softphone
  • Bria for Salesforce Bundle: Includes all the features available in the Business Bundle, as well as seamless integration into the Salesforce browser window. In addition to click to dial and call records, Bria for Salesforce provides detailed management reports for each salesperson user.


Bria Stretto is not available for purchase directly from the CounterPath website, so if you have purchased the Bria retail product from their website you are missing out on the feature rich version which is Bria Stretto.


For more information on Bria Stretto, its pricing or if you would like get a trial, make sure to get in contact today with DJ Lamba (Product Manager – APAC). Please note Soft Solutions id the only authorised Distributor of CounterPath products in APAC region and we are 100% channel focused.


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