An increasing number of your customers are now running on Office 365 or Google Apps. How can you help them keep control of these cloud services? We want to tell you about a solution that lets you as a reseller monitor and manage your customers’ Office 365 and Google Apps – and more cloud-based services will be added in the near future. With App Control you can manage multiple customers’ cloud user accounts, mailboxes and licences direct from a web-based dashboard. You get:


  • An audit log of all actions recorded in any cloud service under management.
  • Fast on-boarding/off-boarding – create, update or remove users
  • Easy management of security groups, distribution lists, organizations and teams
  • Historical and future reporting on usage and spend


Setup is simple and just requires the administrative login details for Office 365 or Google’s Administrative API key. The process generally takes no more than 5 minutes.


Priced as a monthly fee per licensed user, App Control lets you offer a tiered cloud management service built around client needs. App Control is a component of GFI MAX but you can run it as a standalone solution, just delivering cloud app management, or you can also use other parts of GFI MAX to stretch your MSP service across all of the needs of your customer – online backup, and/or managed anti-virus, and/ or monitoring and reporting on physical and virtual servers and workstations, and/or patching, and/ or remote control.


But don’t just take our word for it. If you are an existing GFI MAX customer, App Control is in your GFI MAX RemoteManagement dashboard. If you do not have a GFI MAX account already, contact us to get one set up … then dive in and see where it can take you! Track Cloud Licensing with GFI MAX App Control right away.


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