With more and more businesses migrating to and enjoying the benefits of Microsoft 365, it’s more important than ever to ensure you are protecting your clients’ emails, OneDrive and SharePoint files.

Just because it’s in the cloud, doesn’t mean it’s protected. Microsoft only guarantees a backup of data for 30 days. What happens if you need to recover an email or file you accidentally (or intentionally) deleted 6 months ago? How much downtime is your client willing to accept when their SharePoint gets hit with ransomware?

Whether you’re just introducing M365 backups to your clients or you’re looking to move off your existing solution, take a look at Backup365.

Backup365 is a cloud-to-cloud M365 backup solution that is designed with MSPs in mind. It is developed and supported by our friends at Manage Protect, meaning you get ANZ-based support from people who really understand the needs and struggles of a local MSP.

Key Features:

  • Easy provisioning in their multi-tenanted (and MSP-brandable) portal, with configurable reports that can alert you when a backup fails or just a daily summary.
  • Backups are performed multiple times a day, approximately every 2 hours.
  • Hosted in an AWS datacentre in Sydney so no storage for you to maintain. This allows you access to your backups even when M365/Azure is down or unavailable.
  • Granular search and restore options that let you to preview a message (rather than just seeing the subject) and also restore to a different mailbox.
  • Outlook Add-in to allow clients to search and restore their own emails and files – one less ticket to the helpdesk!
  • Free Internal Use License (IUL) for MSPs to protect their own environment.

Backup365 now comes in two licensing plans to suit any MSP’s client base.

  • Backup365 Complete guarantees the automatic discovery and back up of tenant data (mailboxes, SharePoint & OneDrive) without partners having to do anything! The billing user count is aligned with the number of Microsoft 365 mailbox subscription licensed accounts. This assures predictable and ongoing access to shared and unlicensed mailbox data after a staff member leaves a business, without any ongoing fees.
  • Backup365 Select offers ultimate flexibility for businesses to choose and only pay for specific mailboxes, OneDrive and SharePoint sites they wish to back up.

Sounds too good to be true? Reach out to us today for more information or to see it in action!

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