We all know that ShadowProtect delivers a great backup option for virtual servers and desktops, but for some larger organisations the price has been an issue – until now. Per-VM pricing will continue to be available for smaller hosts, but if a customer has a large number of virtual servers on a physical host they can now take advantage of per socket pricing, meaning unlimited virtual machines.

Lots of partners have told us that they had to move to other backup solutions purely for economic reasons in managing larger VM infrastructures. It was painful for them, as they had to shift from a product they were used to and could rely on for no-performance impact on snapshotting and quick recoveries. The new socket licensing model with ShadowProtect means they can now bring those customers back to the solution they can trust to get the job done. Socket-based licensing gives partners and customers the flexibility to add or remove VMs to a licensed host as their needs dictate, without forcing them through the purchasing process each time they need to make a change to their virtual environment.

Socket-based licensing will only be available for ShadowProtect SPX. Existing virtual guest pack offerings for SPX will be simplified and a 10 pack license will be added; 6, 12, 24, and 50 packs will be discontinued. The new licensing will not apply to ShadowProtect 5.

So going forward, your licensing options for ShadowProtect SPX to protect virtual hosts will be:

  • Essentials Socket Edition – RRP $1,754.50 plus GST for a two-socket bundle – for organisations with one or more physical hosts but no more than six sockets across all hosts
  • Standard Socket Edition – RRP $1,864.50 plus GST per socket – for organisations with six or more sockets
  • Virtual Server License – RRP $434.50 per virtual server on a host, only needed by customers not using per-socket licensing (3, 5 and 10-packs also available)
  • Virtual Desktop License – RRP $282 plus GST for six virtual desktops on a host, only needed by customers not using per-socket licensing

Customers using the socket-based licensing will need to use a new socket license manager application and this can be installed on any machine that has access to the VMs and the internet, it does not need to be on the physical host, and you can manage multiple hosts from one license manager.

Because the license count is so different, you cannot upgrade existing per-VM licenses to per-socket licenses. Customers with an existing host to which they want to add additional virtual machines will need to purchase per-VM licenses. Anyone who has purchased per-VM in the last 60 days has an option to trade those in for per-socket licensing for the full value of the original purchase

There is no socket-based licensing for ImageManager yet, although this is on the roadmap.

Per-socket licenses are available for purchase now.

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