OpenText, a billion-dollar player in the Information Management space has been on a path of aggressive growth recently. It’s picked up both the Webroot and Carbonite solutions, as a way of creating “resiliency of information” across an organisation.

It’s exciting news to share, that Soft Solutions now distributes both core solutions, in New Zealand.


Webroot, a household name in the cybersecurity and threat intelligence space, offers not just fundamental endpoint protection but also protects the online browsing of users from malicious domains. To round out the portfolio, comprehensive security awareness training is available to ensure mistakes are not repeated.

  • Endpoint Protection: Differs from other solutions on the market by contextual threat intelligence, a significant catalogue of integration capabilities (RMM, PSA and BI) and an industry leading efficacy rate, as ranked by Passmark 2021. (It beat out several other, well-known names, in 15 fundamental metrics).
    • MDR: AND If you’re looking to go a step further, their new Managed Detection and Response completely outsources the remediation and threat-detection to Blackpoint Cyber, a leading intelligence and awareness platform.
  • DNS Protection: Its primary aim is to create a highly secure, private, resilient, and manageable connection to the internet. Automated filtering uses Webroot BrightCloud Internet Threat Intelligence to automatically block requests to undesirable, dangerous or malicious internet domains, even encrypted DNS over HTTPS (DoH) requests. This filtering alone stops most internet threats before they can infect networks or endpoints.
  • Security Awareness Training: A proven educational approach for improving risky employee IT behaviors, that often lead to security compromises. It trains staff on subjects including information security, social engineering, malware, and industry-specific compliance topics. Security awareness training increases employees’ resilience to cyber-attacks at home, on the move and at the office. By participating in security awareness training, employees learn to avoid phishing and other types of social engineering cyberattacks. They will spot potential malware behaviours, report possible security threats, follow company IT policies, and adhere to any applicable data privacy and compliance regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.).

Every basic cyber resiliency plan also ensures you back-up if everything fails. Enter Carbonite…

  • Server/Endpoint Backup: This is the most basic of steps, backing up both server and desktop infrastructure from data loss. Hybrid backup allows you to protect data both onsite and in the cloud, with full granular system protection including image-based backups. You can protect files even whilst in issue. When it comes to restoring, you can restore to dissimilar hardware and to any local or virtual machine.
  • High Availability: Carbonite Availability software keeps critical business systems available and prevents data loss on Windows and Linux servers. Carbonite’s continuous replication technology maintains an up-to-date copy of your operating environment without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth. With these high availability solutions, you get:
    • Push-button failover.
    • Near-zero downtime.
    • Virtually no data loss.
  • Migration: Carbonite Migrate allows you to easily migrate physical, virtual and cloud workloads to and from any environment with minimal risk and near-zero downtime. Options for finely tuned automation help orchestrate every stage of the process.
    • Replicate data continuously to minimise downtime and enable fast cutover.
    • Perform unlimited testing of the new environment without disrupting operations.
    • Reduce downtime to minutes or seconds, as you cut over to the new server.
    • Ensure data, files and system settings are replicated reliably.

Carbonite and Webroot are game-changers for customers looking to build more ‘information resilient’ workflows, while protecting against data loss and infection.

Soft Solutions has in country expertise across both platforms and are geared to support you and your roll-out to customers. We have an abundance of evaluations, supporting white-papers, technical documentation and more, to help position against other market solutions.

Both Webroot and Carbonite are also available in flexible licensing models, to suit MSPs building it into their service offerings.

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