Following the recent buyout of Virtual Sharp, PHD ReliableDR is now an integral part of the PHD Virtual product set. PHD ReliableDR automates the replication and failover of your critical systems so that all Disaster Recovery processes–including failover and failback—can be automated and tested daily at far less cost than complex, manual alternatives. As a result, PHD ReliableDR enables unmatched levels of resiliency for VMware based virtual IT infrastructures, and allows you to fully align your IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans. PHD ReliableDR gives you Disaster Recovery Assurance by providing continuous proof that your systems are fully recoverable, enabling you to:


  • Provide 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing for continuous proof your IT services are fully recoverable
  • Assure automatic certification that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved
  • Fully automate DR testing as often as you want to dramatically reduce the time, expense and resources to assure business continuity
  • Deliver complete reporting to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Get immediate detection and alerting of deviations in recovery time and recovery point actuals via dashboards, exported reports, email reports, and SNMP alerts
  • Guarantee rapid and reliable failover of virtualized applications and business services


Key Use Cases for PHD ReliableDR include:


Disaster Recovery Failover


PHD Virtual ReliableDR ensures that not only is data safely replicated to your DR site, but that you can automate the failover process, speeding your time to recovery. Most important ReliableDR lets you test and verify that your data replication will be successful when it’s needed most.


Disaster Recovery Failback


Any time a failover process occurs, you normally will return to your production environment as soon as possible when it becomes available. While these steps are planned and controlled, they still create downtime. ReliableDR ensures your failback processes will perform as expected to keep your business services running. Much like the failover process, ReliableDR provides the automation and verification as key requirements for minimizing the risk of downtime.


Disaster Recovery Testing


Because DR testing has been so difficult and expensive, it has been conducted rarely if at all. By automating and simplifying the DR testing process, PHD Virtual ReliableDR offers a solution that allows you to continuously measure and certify RPO and RTO objectives can be met daily, hourly; as frequently as you want. That’s a level of DR testing of recovery assurance unheard of until now.


Data Centre Migration


ReliableDR provides an extremely efficient way to move your data to a new site and keep critical applications and business services in sync when implementing migration plans. Once your new site is ready, ReliableDR can fully automate the migration process by streamlining the process of shutting down production applications and bringing them up properly at the new site. ReliableDR (Unitrends) can help you migrate your data a single application at a time, or migrate an entire site all at once, based on your specific needs.


Fully Integrated with PHD Virtual Backup for VMware


PHD Virtual ReliableDR (Unitrends) integrates its powerful disaster recovery capabilities with PHD Virtual Backup for VMware to assure you can quickly and reliably recover granular data, critical applications, business services and even entire sites. In version 3.2 you can certify recovery with frequent automated testing while demonstrating compliance with DR plans, ensuring you can reduce risks, lower costs and eliminate complexity. CertifiedReplica – Automates failover and recovery verification with PHD Virtual Backup and Replication. Provides cost-effective, storage agnostic replication that can scale to large environments, while saving bandwidth with WAN-friendly data transfer. Conduct granular backup and recovery secured by government-grade encryption.


Product Editions


ReliableDR is available in two editions—Professional and Enterprise—to align with your specific IT disaster recovery, virtual data recovery, and business continuity plans. The table here highlights the functionality of each edition.


Automated failover / failbackYesYes
Network and resource pool mapping for DRYesYes
IP reconfiguration (Windows / Linux)YesYes
Built-in replicationYesYes
Support for storage replicationYesYes
Support for PHDVB replication (Certified Replica)YesYes
Support for PHDVB backup verification (Certified Backup)YesYes
Multiple recovery points for failover and sandbox testingYesYes
SLA enforcement (RPO/RTO) and compliance reportsYesYes
Multi-tenant recovery dashboard with SNMP/email alertsYesYes
Recovery verification via heartbeat check (hourly, daily, etc.)YesYes
Built-in application-level recovery verification (hourly, daily, etc.)NoYes
Customized verification processes (hourly, daily, etc.)NoYes




Priced per VM being tested and certified, ReliableDR Professional Edition has an RRP of $328.94 per VM while the Enterprise Edition has an RRP of $592.10 per VM. There is also a Storage Module add-on which enables support for alternative replication methods such as SAN to SAN. The RRP of the Storage Module Add-on is $526.32 per VM. N.B. – There is a 10 VM minimum on all ReliableDR options.


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